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11 Oktober 2016

Aku dan Tatacara Menjadi Pesakit Kegemaranku

My expectations from my patients and their relatives:

■ Please bring your old medical records but
   don't bring your opinion about your old doctor.
   I am no better than him.

■ Wait patiently in the queue. 

My phone is for emergency only.  

■ If you want,
   Please do wish me when you meet me
   in a marriage or birthday party or a hotel
   but don't discuss your health problems there also.

■ Don't praise me that I saved you,
   because I didn't do anything extra.
   It's my duty to treat.
   It is God who heals
   but when there is a complication
   please understand it's also his wish.
   Many complications,
   adverse effects of drugs are not my work
   it's sometimes your own body which responds in a peculiar way.

■ If you are not happy with my work,
   go away to my brother or sister colleague.
   Don't just waste your time.

■ If you feel I am negligent complain to statutory bodies
   like medical council
   or consumer courts or courts.
   Don't defame me on Facebook or WhatsApp or mainstream media.

■ Take my advice ,
   don't read internet and decide about your treatment.
   I don't repair my computer seeing instructions on internet so
   also you can't get treatment on Google.

■ Come prepared with your complaints.
   I am happy if you write and bring especially points and I can answer your points well.

Don't answer your mobile in my consultation room.
   Keep it on SILENT mode and LISTEN to me.

     I acknowledging that I am called a doctor only because of you

     and when you are in my room you are only my "patient "

     but not an officer or minister or media man or teacher

     and in the end I remind you that

     I too am a human being like you.

    Thank you

source: Whatsapp