Aku Pun Dah Fed Up

Yearly complaints keep falling on deaf ears

THE nuisance of exploding firecrackers has now become a perennial bane for most people who want to enjoy their holidays without the nerve-wracking din caused by firecrackers during most festive seasons.

Numerous complaints have been written, aired and discussed over the various media, yet there doesn’t seem to be a solution to this problem. The finger has been pointed at the police, the Customs and other law enforcement agencies.

The easy availability of these contraband has been an issue of contention for years and there seems to be no end to this problem which has plagued law-abiding citizens in need of a good night’s rest who have their nerves jarred by the deafening din of these explosives at all times of the day and night.

Tomorrow, the eighth night of the lunar new year, another stressful night is in store for most people. We are resigned to the fact that the so-called law enforcers have no power to solve this problem, which is a disgrace and a humiliation to their uniform.

Laws are flagrantly being flouted right in front of their noses or ears and nothing is done or can be done about it.

George Town.



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