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02 Mac 2010

Aku, Original atau AP Phone

Aku dah lama tak beli handphone. 
Masuk kedai handphone pun jarang2. 
Akhir sekali aku beli handphone kira2 2 tahun lepas. 
Itupun aku beli kat kedai Sony Ericson di Jaya Jusco Tebrau City. 
Aku dah lupa tentang istilah2 handphone 
seperti Original set, AP(Approved Product) set, second hand dan sebagainya. 
Aku ingat semua kedai yang aku masuk semua jual yang original
tetapi aku silap daa. 
Baca cerita dibawah.

Yes you're right, refurbished, refurnished, and reconditioned sets are the same. They're basically used sets which are replaced with certain newer parts to make the phone look as new.

2nd hand sets, as we all know are used sets and are not tampered with. It is sold based on the condition it is in.

AP sets are essentially original sets, but with different type of warranty from Ori sets. Ori sets have warranty from authorized distributors in a particular country, but AP sets are those which are not brought into the country by the authorized dealer, hence the party/company which brings it in gives their own warranty.
But due to dishonest acts by local retailers, AP sets are always considered as imitation sets, because some retailers change the package's contents to 3rd party accessories, ie batteries chargers.motorola authorized phone distributor = zitron, FMG and phone star. depend on what model.
Different model different distributor. as i know, is only got this 3.
for panasonic, autorized distributor is zitron also.
for SE, got midland, t-choice, and southall.
for inno stream, southall. please take note.
actually, u can differentiate it from pricing.  
Normally, when u go to Sg. Wang asking for pricing, they all will give u AP set pricing, this tactic is to attract u come back to their counter and let them close the sales. cause the price is cheap. every one find cheap things.
You can ask them AP set or original set, normally they will tell u "this is AP set price". they also will tell u "original and AP set is same, also produce by nokia(let say u ask for nokia set)". what he say is fact. but this tactic is to attract u buy AP set. When u ask them about warranty service, u must remember one thing:
Original set warranty for 1 year, all equipment, include batery, charger and handsfree.
For samsung, 18 months warranty. if i am not mistaken, samsung warranty one time water damage and nokia zitron warranty if LCD crashed in one week.
AP set warranty hand set one year, battery 3 months, charger 3 months. handsfree not sure, but not one year. summary: AP set warranty one year for hand set ONLY, others maximum 3 months.
Some salesman will say AP set warranty service better than original set, because faster feedback, faster repair. the facts is, autorized distributor need to go through many steps before send to repair. but AP distributor no need that such step. (ISO ma.....)
In term of service, i feel that the authorized distributor better than AP distributor... My experience is, AP distributor not servicing the hand set perfectly, but authorized distributor repair it perfectly.
Zitron/Avaxx- both are the authorized Nokia distributors in Malaysia.
- if your phone has Zitron/Avaxx warranty, u can service your phone at any Nokia Priority Center (NPC).
- they are giving 1 year warranty for the full set including charger, battery, handsfree...etc
- they are using genuine parts to repair your phones.

AP sets- Approval Products
- mainly imported from oversea and sell it to the c
- there are many AP set warranty by companies such as Final Choice, Nefion...etc
- AP companies are giving 1 year warranty for the phone and 1 month for the accesories like charger, battery, handsfree etc.
- u must bring your phone back to the place u bought the phone, if the phone has any problem.
- AP set owners can bring your phone to any NPC, but u need to pay around RM30 for checking.

How to check Zitron/Avaxx or AP set
- take out the handphone case and battery
- if there's Zitron/Avaxx hologram sticker, it's original set.
- if there's Final Choice hologram sticker, it's AP set.
- original battery charger has Nokia and Zitron/Avaxx hologram stickers.
- press *#06# to check the hp serial number (IMEI).
- compare it with the serial number written on package box sticker.
- for original set, both serial numbers are the same.

AP set including its accessories are same as the original set.
- some sellers might changed the AP set accessories to non-original set in order to gain profit.
- original Nokia phones have Nokia hologram sticker and Zitron / Avaxx sticker on the battery and charger.
- if u buy original Nokia set, u will get Nokia identification card.

Ada faham? He he he. 
Aku pun dah confused. 
But 5 kedai yang aku tanya harga, 
semua beri harga yang berlainan. 
Yang aku faham ialah Original set datang 
daripada distributor yang sah. 
Selain hp, aksesorinya semuanya original. 
Semuanya ada waranti satu tahun. 
Maka harganya lebih mahal.
AP set ialah hanya hp yang original.
Ianya dibawa masuk melalui negara2 jiran secara sah/tak sah.
Seludup? Entahlah.
Tapi ianya memang original.
Aksesorinya seperti bateri, charger, earphone dsb
rasanya China-made dan bukan original.
Handphone ada waranti satu tahun tetapi yang lain2nya takda.
Harganya jauh lebih murah dan terpulanglah kepada individu nak pilih yang mana.

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