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13 April 2010

Aku dan DVD baru

A review by Afdlin Shauki itself:

A lot of people have asked me why my latest movie 'My Spy' is not like Papadom and my answer is simple, the niat for each film is different. 'Papadom' was a project which delved in a subject that is very close to my heart, but 'My Spy' is something i did for fun. I just wanted to have fun and transfer that feeling to the viewing audience.

One review actually hit the nail on its head when he said "Leave your brain at home and just enjoy the fun." My SPY is a romp. A journey into frivolous fun like the Pink Panther, Airplane, Hotshots, etc. If you are looking for some intellectual discourse and stimulation, My SPY is definitely NOT FOR YOU. This movie was a made with a more rural and sub urban folks in mind.

In truth, when i did 'my spy' i nearly lost faith in making movies in Malaysia because the sad truth was, people just love mindless entertainment, That is why the biggest grossing movie in Malaysia is a very unscary mindless ghost movie. SO when KRU asked me to do 'MY SPY' i agreed to make a go at making the best produced mindless comedy film in Malaysia. Hahaha....

Yes i am wierd and i love to try new things. I love U-Wei and Arwah Yasmin's work but when i started out i told myself that i wanted to make movies that people watched... So i set out to balance audience satisfaction and good story-telling. I know i cannot be like them because i have a different mindset. i can only be me. i do what makes me feel happy. To feed my curiosity i love to try new things.

A review by cinema.com.my:

Afdlin Shauki's quirky spy comedy stars the dynamic duo AC Mizal and Harun Salim Bachick as two bumbling spy agents who never fails to land themselves into many hilarious odd mishaps. The two actors complement each other well as far as how teamwork goes in "Dumb And Dumber", "Beavis And Butt-Head" and "Ren And Stimpy". Bearing close resemblance to Leslie Neilson's clumsy character in the "Naked Gun" series, Harun Salim Bachik's character Salleh deals with his missions in a more unique way than of his counterpart, using his own inventions that often turn out for the worse. Unfortunately, the gadgets used in this film weren't impressive enough, maintaining an obvious low-budget quality. There's the usual talking car, hand phone that can pull off as an ordinary highlighter pen and a turtleback-shaped shield that literally packs a punch when activated.

As the story goes, colour blind spy agent AJ (AC Mizal) teams up with gadgets-gone-wrong Salleh to help Datin Mariana (Maria Farida) spy on her wealthy tycoon husband, Datuk Osman (Ridzuan Hashim), on the assumption that he's having an affair. As the duo travels to the island of Langkawi, going undercover in various ridiculous costumes, they encounter a crime far more serious without even realising it, involving Datuk Osman and a missing one-of-a-kind painting called "Brinjal in a Bowl".

Singer Hannah Tan and TV personality Daphne Iking had their acting debut in this film playing as Datuk Osman's allies together with model/actress Carmen Soo. Hannah dons the role of a seductive secretary named Maria, who is no doubt a looker, but her ability to perform well as an actress is questionable. Dishing out a mediocre performance, it would take time for her to develop as an actress as she comes across bland with plenty of slow eye blinks and picture perfect smiles. Speaking with a typical Chinese accent, Daphne delivers a cute performance that would otherwise be forgettable if it wasn't for her funny pronunciation and a special scene where she exposed her booty-shaking abilities. On the other hand, Carmen fared well throughout the film exuding a confident aura to her character.

Rated PG-13, the film has plenty of sexual innuendos that are at times pleasantly humourous or exaggerated far beyond its limits, such as the scene of how a simple photo-taking session of a painting can turn out to sound like a porn-shoot. Apart from that, the action scenes and CGI effects involved were barely even convincing.

The film no doubt has its side-splitting moments, but overall it doesn't seem to impress.

And lastly, a review by myself:

Aku memang peminat kepada hasil kerja seni Afdlin Shauki. Paling best dan menyentuh jiwa ialah Papadom. Filem yang tak pernah jemu ditonton. Cuba kau bayangkan si mamat boroi yang biasa buat aku ketawa boleh buat aku menangis tengok scene sedih beliau. Rasanya aku pernah review filem ini. Cuba korang check blog aku yang lepas2.

Semalam aku beli DVD Myspy. Memang betul kata pengarahnya. Aku dilarang gunakan otak untuk menonton cerita ini. Sebabnya? Ianya adalah hasil kerja paling teruk hingga ke tahap gaban daripada Afdlin. Yang aku tak tahan ialah lawak2 double meaning, lawak2 SX dan penggunaan istilah2 lucah yang keterlaluan. " Kondom tu apa papa?" Hah! Sapa nak tolong jawapkan.

Rasanya aku kena sorokkan DVD ini. Anak2 tak sesuai tonton filem ini.

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