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21 Mei 2010

Aku dan kes kecemasan Siri 4

This is totally a different story.

Clinic doctor refused to help deliver baby

WITH reference to the letter “How can doctor refuse to treat a dying baby?” (The Star, May 18) and “Case too serious for doctor to treat” (The Star, May 20), let me share my friend's experience.

This happened last year when my friend's wife went into labour around 5am. They had to take along their two other children aged three and one, since they didn't have anyone to leave them with.
On the way to the hospital, the wife felt the baby coming. My friend saw a 24-hour clinic, so he rushed in asking for the doctor's help.

The doctor came out with him to the car and said, “You have to take her to the hospital, the baby is coming.” He then walked back and actually locked the clinic.

My ill-equipped friend ended up delivering his own baby in the car in the parking lot in front of a qualified doctor's clinic, with his children looking on from the back seat.

What do you call that? Laziness? Irresponsibility?

Sometimes harsh words are needed for a wake-up call.


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