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14 Jun 2010

Aku, bola dan penjaga gol

Nak salahkan siapa ye? Salahkan bola ke salahkan penjaga gol?
Tapi rasa2nya ada orang main pawang ni. Kat Afrika kan ramai pawang2 terkenal yang mungkin sudah jampi itu bola atau sudah jampi mata/tangan penjaga2 gol tu. Sebab tu bola senang2 camtu boleh masuk dalam gol.
Kalau betullah ada pawang boleh jampi2 camni, rasanya lama dah team Afrika menang Piala Dunia.
Ye tak?

Controversy over World Cup ball won’t die

POLOKWANE, South Africa – The infamous Jabulani World Cup ball has had goalkeepers in the tournament worrying, panicking and complaining for the past week. Now it has reduced one of them to tears.

Algeria’s Faouzi Chaouchi was the latest keeper to be impacted when he allowed a long-range strike from Slovenia’s Robert Koren to evade his grasp and produce the only goal of a 1-0 loss at Peter Mokaba Stadium on Sunday.

Chaouchi could not control his emotions after the game. After striding through the interview zone without pausing to speak to reporters, he boarded the team bus and cried.

“You could see he had tears in his eyes and he could not help it,” said Algeria fan Mohammed Dahbi. “It is sad for the country but it is not his fault. Anyone can make a mistake and unlucky things can happen with that ball.”

That ball is the Adidas Jabulani, and it already has sparked a storm of controversy. The manufacturer claims it is the most accurate ball ever made, but some weird plays on the field say otherwise.

Its unpredictability may have benefited the United States on Saturday night, when Clint Dempsey’s tame effort worked its way past England’s Robert Green. In truth, both Green and Algeria’s Chaouchi should have made comfortable saves on the goals they conceded. Yet on both occasions, there was significant movement in the air once the ball had been kicked.

“For sure, it is the ball,” said Algeria defender Madjid Bougherra. “You could see it moving, and once it bounced in front of him it just took off and gave a crazy bounce.”

The goal came in the 79th minute. Algeria, playing with 10 men after substitute Abdelkader Ghezzal was sent off, was trying to hang on for a draw. But the game’s only goal appeared to have more to do with the ball than the 11 vs. 10 situation. Just ask the scorer.

“Every player, if he is being honest, will tell you there is something strange about the ball,” said Koren, the Slovenia captain. “It is different to what we are used to and it gives keepers a big problem – like we saw today.”

Slovenia might be the only team in Group C without much of a problem. Certainly, there are nervous times ahead for the United States, England and Algeria.

And, surely, for a certain manufacturer whose signature product is coming under ever-increasing scrutiny. Adidas, however, defends the ball.

“This ball has been around since December and been used around the world with very few comments,” Andy Harland, the developer of the ball, said in a recent interview with British television station Sky Sports News. “Teams have gone to altitude and you have seen comments in those situations.”

A skeptical public – and 32 starting goalkeepers – might take a bit more convincing.

Rob Green makes no excuses, reminds us that he's 30

Though the jokes, harsh tabloid headlines, and misspelled comments on YouTube keep coming, England goalkeeper Rob Green was immediately over his mistake that allowed the U.S. to take a 1-1 draw from what turned out to be a friendly competition between the favorites of Group C. Because he is 30. And he is a man.

Says Green via the Guardian:

"It is regrettable and not what you want to happen but that's life and you move on. You hold your head up high and get to work in training. It won't affect me psychologically. I'm 30, I'm a man, and you have hardships in life and prepare for them."

So have your chuckles about how "it's not easy being Green" and call it the "Hand of Clod" if you like, but Green isn't bothered. He told BBC Radio:

"Dempsey hit one and it's one I should have saved. Full stop.

"It's very disappointing, but it's happened.

"The most important thing is not to let it affect myself.

"I had 50-odd minutes to play in the game [after that] and represent my country and I did that I didn't let if affect me mentally.

"I didn't let it affect my performance. It's about mental strength and worse things have happened to people."

Impressive resolve. And he's right. Think of the people who have actual hardships and wish their biggest problem in life was goofing up in football match and how Green's error really shouldn't impact England's chances at advancing to the knockout stage. After you finish redubbing the Kermit song with humorous lyrics about Green's mistake, of course.

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  1. Bola tu bulat. Siapa2 boleh menang hehehe

  2. jangan sampai kena tembak penjga gol england teww sudah.. ihihi