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26 Jun 2010

Aku dan blog seniorku

This is a snippet of my senior's blog. He is my senior at SMSJ Kluang and also at Faculty of Medicine, UM. I worked with him briefly at Surgical Ward, HSAJB. When I worked at district hospital, I had no problem when I wanted to refer a case to him. We shared a same hobby and interest i.e artworks. When we were in 6th college, we used to work together preparing posters for college events. His works on posters is creative, unique and a masterpiece ( same like mine lah...). Its surprised me like hell when I accidentally found his blog. He had blood cancer. Read by yourself his story at

I am 37 year old orthopedic surgeon (a kind of doctor that fix the bone) by profession. I am marrried with a pair of kids (Danial 7 y old and Ika 3 y old). My wife, Sheliza is also a doctor, still studying in Masters (Anesthesia).
I would be smiling at myself when I recalled how did it all started. I finished my Masters programme in June 2003 and that was the time I had my maximum weight. I felt so irritated when everyone told me that I was overweight. Therefore, I took the challange and started hitting the gym religiously and things got better. I started telling everyone that I enjoyed my workout but later almost the same people around me started to feel worry since I was so thinned out then. Initially I just being ignorant, thinking that my regular workout keeps burning all those fat. But later when a few people got REALLY worried thinking that I must have a kind of sickness, and knowing that I was not so regular in my workout anymore, I thought that they must be true.

Quite reluctantly, I did a few blood test (just to satisfy everyone and myself though!). Having to work in the hospital, everything was so fast and to my own surprise....my TOTAL WHITE COUNT was so sky high! Then a series of anxiety and mixed feeling came into my mind and trying to be rational, I called up the respective pathologist. In less than a couple of hours, I got everything almost confirmed....that I have CML. Unable to recall what CML course of disease and latest development would be (i just could remember CML i.e chronic leukemia with a big spleen and that knowledge was during my medical student time) I called up one of the hospital hematologist and on the same day I knew that I am starting another chapter of my life.

Then, the whole process started, the new experience of bone marrow test, the HLA typing blood test (a test to know whom among my sibling that have a match blood of mine) and a new experience being in the hospital...as a patient not as a doctor that I used to be)

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