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25 Jun 2010

Aku dan Birokrasi Nak Ambil Lesen

A view from drliew.net.
Why is it that whenever there is an Ismail and a Chua, there is always a licensing issue? To all those grocers and provision shop owners now being told to license up before they can deal with sugar, flour, cooking oil, etc . welcome to the amazing, murky world of licensing - Malaysian style. If you are having a problem understanding the issue, please step into any GP clinic near your home. The doctors there will explain to you in detail what licensing actually entails. 
The last time the name Chua Soi Lek cropped up at the Ministry of Health, it was associated with an Ismail Merican and a license called the Private Healthcare Licensing Act (PHFSA). Essentially what it meant was even if the doctor owned his own clinic with a valid current Annual Practicing Certificate (APC), the doctor cannot practice in his own clinic unless the clinic itself is licensed. Nevermind that the whole issue was unconstitutional. The rubber stamp Parliament not only passed it at that time but even went ahead and enforced it. They even threw a doctor in jail for it. If you are wondering why doctors didn’t take this up any further and protest like you fellas . wonder no more. Yes, the doctors didn’t have the steel balls of Chua Soi Lek. Worst still, they were led by a couple of eunuchs, which just made matters worse. 
What does licensing involve? For the benefit of ignorant retailers, they should know that it involves:
  1. Filling up a form/forms
  2. Attaching loads of documents you don’t really know existed.
  3. If you don’t know how to fill up the forms or comply with all the odd regulations that come with it, no worries. Loads of “side businessmen” associated with government officers and sometimes full fledged government officers will suddenly emerge out of nowhere to “help you out” .for a fee of course.
  4. After you have filled up these forms, you need to pay a licensing fee. For retailers it is supposed to be RM10. Doctors pay RM500 and then more and more to government officers or the remaining portion.
  5. But guess what happens once you have submitted your forms. Yep, they will now tell you it will take some time.
  6. They will now tell you since you do not have licence, you are operating WITHOUT a licence and are now liable to various fines/jail terms /both. You just submitted yourself to being wrapped around in red tape. Like getting sodomised over and over again I guess. Anwar can probably tell you more.
  7. Meanwhile, all that money they collected from you would have disappeared into government or someone’s pockets and some is used to create even more red tape in the form of an .ENFORCEMENT AGENCY.
  8. The enforcement agency will soon be doing the rounds blackmailing, harassing, closing down retailers, putting fear and creating long sleeplessness nights for retailers.
Welcome to licensing in Malaysia. A piece of paper or red tape if you like, designed to milk you of your money and peace of mind. I salute you, all you retailers who are telling the Domestic Trade, Cooperative and Consumer Affairs Ministry and Ismail Sabri to go to hell. As for us doctors who were led and are still being led by eunuchs who kow tow to this corrupt government, we silently protest differently. Yep, soon after the PHFSA came about in 2006, we never hesitated to spend a few minutes more `educating’ our patients at no cost at all - just to run down this evil government, it’s evil little Napoleans and corrupt authorities to the ground. 
And guess what. The silent campaign may have actually worked as four states fell to the Pakatan Rakyat and the BN lost its two-thirds majority in Parliament. For achieving this end the PR should thank current MCA President, Chua Soi Lek, it’s DG, Ismail Merican and the Ministry of Health. Similarly all you retailers don’t take this lying down. Take this opportunity to run down this government with your customers. Don’t be shy. If you want to stop all the leakages in this country disappearing into submarines that don’t dive, planes without engines or collapsing stadium roofs or leaking hospitals, you certainly should not be shy. But if you do feel stressed out, don’t hesitate to drop by your friendly GP clinic. The doctors there will certainly teach you how to get back at this government. Perhaps together we can put a less corrupt government in Putrajaya next time round. Happy boycotting! 
Sebulan yang lepas aku kena saman dengan penguatkuasa majlis bandaran kerana takda lesen papan tanda. Walaupun klinik aku dah 8 tahun beroperasi, aku mengaku aku memang takda lesen papan tanda. Aku bukannya tak nak mohon, tapi aku malas nak isi borang. Juga nak sediakan dokumen2 yang berkaitan. 
Dah sebulan aku tengok aje borang tu. Malas nak mengisinya. Nak sediakan gambar, nak kena cari surat perjanjian sewa kedai, nak potostat IC, APC, lesen klinik dan sebagainya. Rasanya bila kena saman lagi sekali barulah aku tergerak nak isi borang ini. 
Kerajaan dah charged aku seribu ringgit untuk daftar klinik. Setiap tahun aku bayar 50 ringgit untuk renew APC aku. Aku juga bayar cukai harta, cukai tanah dan cukai pendapatan setiap tahun. Lampu jalan depan klinik aku dah lebih setahun tak menyala, jalan ke klinik aku banyak yang berlubang2, sampah depan klinik pun jarang dikutipnya. Jadi apa gunanya aku bayar cukai macam2 kalau aku tak dapat faedahnya? Kat simpang depan klinik aku, pihak pemaju dah pasang sebesar2 kain rentang sehinggakan papan iklan aku langsung tak kelihatan. Jadi, wajarkah aku bayar lesen papan tanda tu?

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