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18 Jun 2010

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The Star beri 5 bintang kat filem ini. Markah penuh tu...
"Toy Story 3" has a lot to prove. Firstly, with the previous two films being a huge success and widely received, fans would have expected "Toy Story 3" to be top notch. With director Lee Unkrich, the film seems a bit darker emotionally but not to worry folks, the lovable characters have not changed a bit! Besides the usual heroes Woody and Buzz Lightyear, the other toys each got their limelight, making them more endearing than ever before. Note: never call Barbie a blonde.

Walt Disney Pictures and Pixar Animation Studios have definitely put the 11 years to good use as a build up to the storyline where Andy goes to college and what happens to the toys that have kept him company during his childhood days. The film starts off with a bang where an imaginative 6-year-old Andy is playing with his toys. Fast forward to the present, Andy has to pack for college and he needs to decide what to do with his old toys. Feeling sentimental, he decides to put his old toys in the attic but due to a slip-up, the toys end up at Sunnyside Daycare Center. The toys were excited to find out that they will be played with again but sadly, they have never met preschoolers before. Deciding that they had enough of torture, the toys decided to break out of the daycare but Lotso, a strawberry scented pink bear stands in their way of escaping back to Andy.

The movie introduces about 14 new toys such as Barbie's counterpart Ken, a Shakespearean Hedgehog named Mr. Pricklepants, and an evil strawberry scented pink bear named Lots-o'-Huggin' Bear among others. Sadly, some of the old toys in the previous films did not make any appearances namely Woody's love interest, Bo Peep. On the brighter side, the animation comparing to the previous films have vastly improved as Pixar pays attention to every single detail making the toys more realistic than ever. For example, Lotso's pink fur that looks faded with dirt marks and Barbie's blonde hair that looks like an exact replica of a real Barbie doll.

For a film shot entirely in 3D, viewers would expect some outstanding 3D moments. However, most of the scenes are subtle and not intrusive so that the viewers are not distracted much by the special effects but rather the usage of 3D compliments the film. The attention to detail and exploring the 3D process comes hand in hand, making this film more convincing and the plastic toys more realistic than the previous two films.

This reviewer went in with high expectations and came out with great satisfaction. "Toy Story 3" appeals to all ages from the children who enjoy seeing toys come alive to the adults that have grown up with Woody and Buzz. Words of warning though, bring tissues for the finale and stay back for the credits, as there are additional scenes.

Cinema Online, 14 June 2010

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