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28 Ogos 2010

Aku dan saman ekor

Satu lagi sebab kenapa saman ekor mesti dimansuhkan.

Cheating hubby exposed thanks to saman ekor

KUALA LUMPUR: A man who was caught on camera for speeding turned out to be having a joyride with his lover.

His wife found out about the affair by accident after she and her husband went to MCA public services and complaints department head Datuk Michael Chong to complain about a saman ekor they had received.

The retired couple, in their 60s from Petaling Jaya, vehemently maintained that the police had mistakenly issued a summons to them, Chong said.

“They claimed they were never on the Karak Highway, so it was impossible for them to have been caught speeding there.

“The wife said they only drove the car to nearby places. Besides that, she was with her husband most of the time,” said Chong yesterday.

Upon hearing their dilemma, Chong advised them to get from the police a photo of the alleged offence although the husband was reluctant to do so.

“However, the wife decided to pay the RM10 that was required to check out the photo,” he said.

Chong said the couple came back to check the photo two weeks later, but the husband quickly grabbed the envelope with the photo.

“The husband refused to open the envelope and said they would open it at home as they did not want to waste my time,” he said.

However, Chong said the wife insisted on opening it in front of him because the wife was confident that there was a mistake in the summons and wanted him to settle the matter for them.

“To the wife’s shock, the photo clearly showed the husband driving the car with another woman sitting beside him,” said Chong.

Chong said the wife was furious and grabbed her umbrella to hit the husband.

“I quickly stood between them and asked the husband to leave. I do not know what happened to them after the incident,” he said.

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