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04 Ogos 2010

Aku dan ubat baru

Ubat baru ini dah sampai kat Malaysia. Jadi, senang sikit aku nak rawat patient2 aku yang bermasalah. Cuma harganya aku tak pasti lagi. Rasanya lepas ni akan ada ubat2 generik daripada India sampai kat sini.

Treatment choices:

Behavioural techniques

  1. Guidance on behavioural techniques is generally provided by a sex therapist rather than your doctor.
  2. The 'stop-start' and 'squeeze' technique involve a series of exercises practiced over many weeks or months designed to increase the feeling of control over ejaculation.
    – The basic principle is to stimulate the penis alone or with a partner until just before the point of ejaculation, and then stopping stimulation until arousal is lower.
  3. These techniques work best in stable relationships because they require the committed assistance and understanding of the partner to be effective.

Psychological counselling

  1. Psychological counselling can be effective for some men who learn to modulate their psychosexual response and gain some conscious control over ejaculation, although the cost of multiple counselling sessions can be high15
  2. However, counselling may be used to treat the secondary psychological symptoms of PE like low self-esteem and relationship difficulties.

Reducing penile sensation

  1. Reducing the sensitivity of the penis can increase the time to ejaculation in men with PE. Common techniques include the use of special condoms and anaesthetic creams or sprays.
  2. Anaesthetic treatments are applied directly to the head of the penis between 5 and 30 minutes before sexual intercourse. Anaesthetics can sometimes cause numbness of the penis or vagina so reducing pleasurable sensations during sexual intercourse.

Drug treatment

  1. A number of drugs are sometimes used to treat PE that have been developed and licensed for other medical conditions like pain relief or depression16. Drugs that are unlicensed for PE are only prescribed at the discretion and responsibility of each individual doctor
  2. At present, there is only one drug that has been licensed specifically for the treatment of PE.
    – PRILIGYTM (dapoxetine) is a pill that you swallow 1-3 hours before sexual intercourse and studies with over 6,000 men with PE have shown that it is well tolerated17.
    – Although it is licensed in some countries, PRILIGYTM isn't available for purchase yet. You should be cautious about any offers to purchase PRILIGYTM from sources such as the internet because you may be receiving an illegal imitation product that could present a significant risk to your health.
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