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15 September 2010

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Neighbour admits he killed mother and son

SEREMBAN: A 34-year-old neigh­bour has confessed to the murder of a 35-year-old ustazah and her 10-year-old son at their rented apartment in Port Dickson on Sept 2.

The suspect, a gas pipe installation contractor who is married with two children, lives on the second floor of the four-storey walk-up apartment in Jalan Sutera Lama. Police investigations revealed that the suspect had known Norliza Ishak and Amirul Aiman Mohd Yusoff for three years. State police chief Senior Asst Comm (I) Datuk Osman Salleh said police recovered several items belonging to the victims from the suspect.

“We found the victims’ jewellery, laptop computer, a Playsta­tion unit and handphones in the suspect’s possession. He pawned some of the items at several shops in PD after committing the murders,” he told reporters at his office here.
He said preliminary investigations suggest that the victims, who had fresh injuries to their private parts, may have also been sexually abused. Norliza, who taught at SK Port Dickson, and her son, who studied at the same school, had failed to turn up on the final day before the school break. Their bodies were discovered with their hands bound and faces covered with wet sarong in the bathroom of the unit. Their mouths were also secured with tape. Osman said police arrested the suspect at his grandmother’s house in PD just before 1am on Sept 5.

Osman said the suspect went to the victim’s house and had told Norliza that he had locked himself out of his unit.

“He told the victim that he could re-enter his unit through Norliza’s apartment, so she allowed him in,” he said. Osman said the moment the suspect entered, he struck Norliza with his elbow causing her to pass out. Amirul, who witnessed this, began screaming but the suspect struck him on the head causing him to lose consciousness as well.

“He then covered their faces with a sarong and left them under the shower. The victims died due to suffocation,” said Osman. The suspect got RM2,200 after pawning some of the victim’s belongings. He also stole RM1,300 which Norliza had withdrawn from an ATM earlier in the day.

The suspect would be brought to the magistrate’s court here today to be charged.

Ini satu lagi kes. 
Jiran yang kau kenal selama 3 tahun tergamak buat kau camni. 
Semuanya kerana wang ringgit jugak. 
Yang ni khabarnya muaalaf. 
Dah berkeluarga dan punya anak isteri. 
Sama ada mabuk ataupun hisap dadah. 
Orang yang waras tak buat kerja2 camni.

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