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18 September 2010

Aku dan kisah doktor pervert

Ini macam punya doktor pun ada juga ke? Pelik betul perangai manusia sekarang.

Patient’s confidential medical records obtained by caller


KUALA TERENGGANU: Female pa­tients who received lewd telephone calls from a man claiming to be ‘Dr Tan’ have been told to lodge police reports.

This is necessary so that investigations can determine how he obtained precise medical records of his victims, said state Health, Unity and Consumerism committee deputy chairman Datuk Din Adam.

So far one complaint was received by the Health Department from a patient alleging that a caller identifying himself as a medical officer made inappropriate comments on how to prevent breast cancer.

“The caller had also purportedly quizzed the patient about her sex life,” he said.

Din said a probe should be initiated on how a patient’s confidential medical records were obtained by the caller who impersonated an obstetrician and gynaecologist from a local hospital.

“We believe that many patients from the hospital could have received calls from Dr Tan and probably thought it was genuine as he had details of the patients’ exact ailments,” he said, while declining to reveal the name of the hospital.

Din said based on the complaint from the patient, ‘Dr Tan’ gave medical tips on how to prevent breast cancer but midway the conversation turned erotic.

“Dr Tan suggested that an active sex life was important to a woman’s physical well being and claimed that he used a psycho-sexual approach to help patients recover,” he revealed.

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