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03 September 2010

Aku dan Apa Ada Dengan No Plat Kereta

Ramai orang yang taksub dengan nombor plat kereta masing2. Tapi kalau tak berduit, taksub macamana pun sekadar gigit jari ajelah. Ini kerana nak dapat nombor plat yang cantik2, kena berduit dulu. Ada yang sanggup bayar ratus2 ribu untuk dapat nombor yang ada kaitan dengan kehidupan mereka. Macam abang2 ipar aku, ada yang suka nombor 966, nombor 96, nombor 84 dan 61. Habis semua kereta dan motor kapcai kat rumah dia punya nombor plat yang sama. Kalau kereta sorong pun kena letak nombor plat, pasti nombor tu jugak yang dicarinya. Bagi aku, aku sekadar suka nombor yang sedap disebut dan mudah diingat. Tapi kalau diberi pilihan aku suka nombor 71. Tapi setakat ini, duitnya belum pernah cukup untuk mendapatkannya.

Bangsa cina suka betul dengan no 8. No 8 bermaksud prosperity. Jadinya kalau nampak no plat kereta ada no 8, mesti cina punya. Mereka sanggup berhabis2an semata2 nak dapatkan no 8 tersebut. Ribu, puluh ribu malah ratus ribu pun berani. No plat TAN 8888 khabarnya berharga 200 ribu. Selain tu nombor2 plat satu angka, korang jangan mimpilah. Sama ada kerabat di raja, VVIP ataupun tauke2 besar awal2 lagi dah booking. Sama ada ikut tender macam orang lain atau tidak, aku tak tahulah.
Aku cilok cerita ini daripada www.fendy.org. Satu cerita dan pengalaman yang menarik untuk dikongsi bersama.

When I bought my first own car last time, I was so thrilled until I even purchased a specific Plate Number from JPJ. At first, I thought that it’d be difficult to buy a number on my own without using the runner provided by the car sales agent. When asked, the agent told me that to buy a number would cost around RM400-RM500. Some other independent runners even quote me a lot more expensive.
I was little bit surprised when I got the estimation. Then I started to think, can it be that expensive and intricate if I had to buy the number myself. As a result, I did go to JPJ and gotten my favorite Plate Number in less than 30 minutes for only RM310.
In this post, I will illustrate the steps that I’ve taken to buy my car Plate Number at JPJ Wilayah Persekutuan office.

Anxiously yearned for
Getting ready
First thing I did was to browse to JPJ Wilayah’s website and click on the ‘No Kenderaan Terkini’. I need to know the latest running Plate Number so that I be able to decide the number I wanted appropriately.
Before I head on to JPJ, I make sure that I had bring the booking receipt received after placing an order to my new car. Apart than that, I also ensured that I have the list of other numbers if just incase the number I wanted already been taken.
Get it done
I arrived JPJ area at Wangsa Maju exactly 7.30AM and office hours only starts at 7.45AM. It’d be good idea to go there early as the queue to buy number isn’t that long yet. If I was late, let say, reached at 10 AM, the queue would be horrific.
I immediately enter a main hall which has counters for people to renew their road tax or perform vehicle name transfer. I gave a quick scan and found a counter that wasn’t that busy and ask the person behind it of how to buy Plate Number.
He then told me to take the ‘Borang’ first. He guided me to a counter that was located just outside of the main hall. I queued there for not more than 5 minutes, obtained the form and filled it in. Next, he told me to go to the rear of the main hall and will spot two counters with TV displaying current running Plate Number.
Once reached there, I immediately stand into queue to buy my fav number. While standing in the line, I noticed the screen was showing running number from 2000-4000. This means, my sought after number: 7222, wasn’t listed in the running number.
My turn to pick the number had come. I showed a piece of paper that has the numbers I wanted to the lady sitting behind the counter. She entered the first number to the system and responded to me by saying that the number is available. However, she told me that it isn’t in the running number. A running number would cost me RM210 and non-listed number need to add another RM100.
Without hesitation, I agreed to pay RM310 for that number. She took my I/C and started to key in to the system. Shortly, she printed a paper and gave it to me. That piece of paper, she said, must be enclosed together with other documents when registering for the new car Road Tax. In other word, just give it to my car sales agent.
A happy chap
That was it. The time showed 10 minutes after 8 o’clock in the morning and I have completed my purchasing. Still wasn’t that late, I rushed to Damansara to punch in for work.
To summarize it, buying a car plate number you need to;
  1. Check out JPJ website.
  2. Bring booking receipt and I/C.
  3. Get to JPJ early.
  4. Prepare list of numbers.
  5. Be ready to pay up to RM310.
  6. Give the proof of purchase to car sales agent.
  7. Enjoy the new ride.
I learned it.
Here are the cantonese superstition numbers (the pronunciation and the vocabulary may be different in different Chinese dialects):
0= Cold/Come/Pretty
1= Daily
2= Easy
3= Alive
4= Death/Die
5= No/Don’t
6= Roll/Business rolling
7= Press all the way
8= Prosperity
9= Long lasting

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