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11 Oktober 2010

Aku Dah Bosan Mendengar Alasan

Jalan lurus,
pemandunya mempunyai rekod yang bersih,
bas berkeadaan baik,
cuaca tak hujan,
bas mematuhi hadlaju.
Bermakna kemalangan ngeri ini disebabkan faktor apa?
Ada makhluk halus yang ditangkap oleh bomoh di Terengganu terlepas kembali?
Atau ada unsur2 khianat oleh puak2 Taliban atau Jemaah Islamiah?
Bosanlah dengar perkara2 klise diulang kembali.
Nak buat itu dan ini,
nak kuatkuasa undang2 itu dan ini.
Lepas tu senyap semula.
orang2 politik mana naik bas.
Semua naik BMW,
dan Alphard.

Horror crash: Police say no proof bus was speeding

Horror crash: Bus was in good condition, says Transport Minister

TAMPIN: The express bus involved in Sunday's accident which killed 12 people was in good condition, preliminary investigations have revealed. The three-year-old bus had also undergone Puspakom checks in May and was due for the next round of inspection at the end of November. Transport Minister Datuk Seri Kong Cho Ha said the 52-year-old driver as well as the bus had also not been issued with any summonses previously.

"My officers have conducted preliminary checks on the bus and it seems to be in fairly good condition. The bus is quite new, even the tyres were good," he told reporters after visiting the accident scene Monday.

The driver of the Delima Express buss, R. Ramachandra was killed in the accident together with passengers Norazmi Abd Karim, 24, Nur Shapika Baba, 19, Ng Sok Kuan, 52, (all from Malacca), and Myanmar nationals Cin Thawa Tuang, 21, Pau Khan Tual, 21, and Kam Khaw Tual, 19. Also killed were a van driver Goo Chuan Heng 34 from Batu Pahat, Johor and the driver of a Honda City, Pang Shi Moei, 57, from Taman Segar, Segamat. However, it could not be established in which vehicle three other victims - Sharenee Sofea Fadzry Tan, 18, Muhammad Farizuddin Talib, 19, and Azizi Ajis, 20 (all from Malacca) were travelling.

The bus, which left Malacca about 6pm for Kuala Lumpur, crashed through the guard rail and ploughed into a Honda City, Toyota Hiace van, a Honda Accord, a Myvi and a Welfare Department bus, around 6.45pm. The 12 were killed on the spot and more than 40 others were injured in the tragedy. The bus was running under a permit belonging to KL Melaka Ekspress Sdn Bhd. Kong said his officers would now look at the bus' steering and braking system.

"We will be thorough in our probe because lives have been lost here. We want to know what caused the accident," he said.

Eye witnesses and survivors said the bus, which was travelling along the middle lane of the north-bound stretch had suddenly swerved to the right and that the driver had tried to apply the emergency brakes but to no avail. Checks at the accident scene also showed 20m skid marks belonging to the ill-fated bus before it crashed into the guardrail. Kong said his officers were also baffled over what caused the accident as it occured along a straight stretch.
"The authorities can only do so much to prevent accidents...at the end of the day, it is the person behind the wheel who determines if an accident can be prevented or otherwise," he said. Kong said the authorities were always looking at ways to reduce road accidents and one of the steps being taken was to amend the Road Transport Act 1987 during the present Parliament sitting.
Citing an example, he said the proposed amendments to the RTA would empower Road Transport Department officers to act against drivers of commercial vehicles who were involved in substance abuse. Previously, only the police or the National Anti-Dadah Agency personnel could do this.

"The penalties would also be enhanced as a deterrent," he said without elaborating. Kong also conveyed his condolences to the victims' next-of-kin. He later visited the injured passengers at the Tuanku Ja'afar Hospital in Seremban.

Meanwhile, in George Town, Consumers Association of Penang (CAP) president SM Idris said the authorities should investigate claims by some passengers that the bus was being driven very fast. He said talks on public road safety were meaningless until enforcement and important policies on road safety were implemented.

"What happened to speed limiting devices on express buses, the automated enforcement system (AES) and proper management of commercial vehicle drivers?" he asked. CAP said the authorities should stop pandering to the demands of transport companies and focus instead on saving lives.

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  1. Salam ziarah.
    Ada yg kata ada unsur2 mistik terlibat dlm kejadian ini. Ada 'perempuan' melintas jalan...
    Orang Malaysia macam gitu. Apa2 yg berlaku disalahkan pd benda2 yang tak nampak.