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24 Oktober 2010

Aku dan Puteri UMNO

Padaku Puteri UMNO dah tak relevan lagi. Aku sokong kata2 Adnan Mansor yang menyatakan bahawa ahli2 Puteri UMNO terlalu mengejar pangkat daripada berbakti kepada parti. Puteri UMNO juga hanya mengejar nama dan nakkan glamour sahaja. Jiwa dan hatinya kosong. Hal2 material dikejar dulu manakala semangat perjuangan memajukan bangsa tiada langsung dalam jiwa mereka. Nak contoh dan bukti?

Aku malas nak membuka pekung di dada tetapi aku kenal ramai ahli Puteri UMNO. Mereka lebih suka jalan2, mesyuarat2, makan2, kursus2 di sana sini. Semuanya disponsor. Minyak kereta, bilik hotel, jamuan makan, pakaian seragam. Apa yang dapat? Hanya keseronokan berjalan2 ke sana sini. Anak bini ditinggal di rumah berhari2. Makan pakai siapa yang urus? Nasib baik umur dah mencecah 30-an. Kalau budak kecik, memang aku dah tangan2kan. Nak kira ilmu, SPM pun tak lepas. Nak kira banyak harta, kerja setakat kerja kilang aje. Jadi, apa sumbangan yang boleh diberikan kepada parti? Kalau setakat nak cukupkan korum mesyuarat dan ikut mengangkat tangan menyokong ketua bahagian baik tak payahlah. Baik duduk rumah jaga anak dan suami lagi baik.

Puteri UMNO needs direction


When it first started, Puteri Umno was vibrant, fresh and exciting. But the glitter seems to have gone, raising the question of whether the movement has faded into insignificance. HABSAH Osman looked disapproving as a Puteri Umno member in a tight-fitting white kebaya top and pink sarong sauntered past, talking on her Blackberry.

“Someone should tell these girls to dress appropriately. Why do they wear such figure-hugging clothes to the party assembly?”

But what really irked Habsah was that when Umno president Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak was delivering his policy speech at the assembly on Thursday, some Puteri girls near her were chatting or texting on their mobile phones.

“Where is the discipline? They should be concentrating on the speech and thinking of what they can do to translate Najib’s vision into reality – not looking here and there or blabbering away,” said Habsah, a former Wanita Umno secretary and Mubarak (the association of ex-Barisan Nasional elected representatives) member. Habsah recalls how former Puteri Umno chief Datuk Azalina Othman started the movement off with a bang a decade ago, with programmes like English on Wheels, which made an impact on the people.

But since the in-your-face Azalina left Puteri, the movement appears to have gone downhill. The demure Datuk Noraini Ahmad who took over certainly couldn’t fit into Azalina’s shoes. And incumbent Puteri chief, Datuk Rosnah Shirlin, who assumed the post only a year ago, has not been having an easy time. Even Umno secretary-general Datuk Seri Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor has criticised the Puteri for being more interested in posts than serving the party.

Habsah concurs, asking: “Are people talking about any Puteri programmes? No! Maybe Umno members might know what they are but the public at large do not. This shows they are not touching the hearts of the people. This may be the age of technology and all, but people still need that personal touch.

“Even if you are not able to deliver everything, if you spend time and listen, people will feel that you care,” says Habsah who is concerned the Puteri are not making inroads in winning the hearts of the younger generation who she feels will be crucial in the next general election. She also believes the Puteri girls are materialistic.

“When Mubarak has social programmes for the community, we sometimes approach the Puteri to ask if they could help, but they want to know if there would be reimbursements for transport and allowances.

“How sincere is that in wanting to serve the people?”

Taking the criticism in stride, Rosnah says she does not feel hurt.
“It makes me feel we should do more,” she opines.

On why Puteri was so visible and vocal during Azalina’s time but seem almost invisible now, Rosnah, an exco member during Azalina’s time, says Puteri then was new, so there was excitement. Moreover, the political scenario was different.

“The support for Umno then and now is not the same but I am not blaming the situation. I just want people to understand that we are doing our best, and that we know we have to do more.” She says like Umno, the Puteri too has to transform.

“We are doing it and you should allow it to go on for a longer time (to see the difference). We have to re-brand so that people can accept us better. It is not recognition that we want but we have a role to play,” she asserts.

Rosnah is fortunate she has her former “sisters” in the Puteri movement backing her up. Azalina who listened to Rosnah’s speech at the Puteri assembly, says there is a difference from the previous year.
“Rosnah has accepted the criticism and is adamant to prove it wrong. She’s telling them things are going to be different and is extremely committed to seeing the Puteri change so we’ll have to wait and see.” Azalina agrees that during her time, the political challenges were different. Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad was then Umno president and the sacking of Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim from the party in 1998 had caused a groundswell of anger within the party as a number of members felt the sacked deputy president had been wronged.

“But there was no unity among the opposition political parties (PAS, DAP, PKR) then, so we used an aggressive approach. Under me, we were almost like a junior Perkasa. But that kind of approach would be extremely irrelevant today,” Azalina adds.

Former Puteri exco member and ex-information chief Datuk Shahaniza Shamsudin says Azalina during her time showed that the Puteri movement was no pushover. There was so much attention given to the Puteri, she says, by not just Umno but also the opposition parties who saw them as a threat.

“I remember in the Pendang and Anak Bukit by-elections (in 2002), they (the Opposition) resorted to personal attacks on Azalina, which proved the kind of impact the Puteri was having. (Barisan Nasional went on to wrest the Pendang seat and in Anak Bukit, it managed to significantly reduce the PAS majority from 1,840 to 508 votes.)

“Azalina set the Puteri on a very high standard which is not an easy act to follow,” says Shahaniza.
During Noraini’s time, Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi was party president and the Puteri chugged along – with no significant impact. But Azalina argues that the challenges were different then as well.

“Noraini was in tandem with the party president in the way she carried the movement,” she points out.

Now the political scenario is different again; and even more challenging. There was a political tsunami in the 2008 general election and a more united opposition front (comprising PAS, DAP and PKR) took control of a number of states and denied Barisan Nasional a two-thirds majority in Parliament. Umno was shocked and not long after, there was pressure for change from within and Abdullah relinquished his post to his deputy, Najib. With a new party president in place, the Umno office bearers including Rosnah, had to fall in step with his vision and way of doing things. And Shahaniza feels that Rosnah has proven herself worthy of the Puteri Chief post. Shahaniza had contested against Rosnah for the top Puteri post last year. Although Shahaniza is now a Wanita member (due to the age limit on Puteri), she dropped by at the Puteri assembly on Wednesday to listen to Rosnah’s policy speech and was impressed.

“She has my support. I feel she has succeeded in uniting the girls. I salute her,” she says.
“It was a six-way contest for the Puteri Chief’s post and although we said there were no teams, the truth is there were factions and everyone knew it. And after the election, the Puteri was split and the girls lost their focus.

“For the past one year, Rosnah was looking for the best formula to unite the girls again. She didn’t want to rush. She was observing and waiting for the right time. I believe she did it this time,” she adds. She notes that Rosnah appointed Nolee Ashilin Mohammed Radzi into the exco although she lost the deputy chief’s post.

“Everyone knows Nolee Ashilin was supporting me for the Puteri chief post. We were a team. And for Rosnah to appoint Nolee to her team shows how big hearted she is and sincere in wanting to close ranks,” she says. Shahaniza is a little nostalgic about the Puteri.

“Even though my time is over, those of us who were in the Puteri do not want to see the seed that we planted not grow up healthy or beautiful.” She feels that right now, the girls have the spirit and knowledge but not enough courage or confidence to voice their views.

“They have ideas. But it’s the Malay culture. Puteri members are young and they feel that as the younger ones, they shouldn’t be vocal,” she points out. She suggests that the Puteri hold programmes with former Puteri exco members to give talks and “plant back the spirit” and give the girls courage.
“You must continually renew and rejuvenate all the time.” Azalina concurs that it is important for the Puteri (and the Youth) to voice their opinion.

“You can’t put a gag order and make everybody toe the line. Young people are attracted to movements which are boisterous or even rebellious. So to attract the young, you must be extremely vocal on issues that affect them,” she says.

Isu 3G Yang Dibangkitkan Pergerakan Puteri Umno Cuit Hati Perwakilan

KUALA LUMPUR, 20 Okt (Bernama) -- Isu "3G" yang merujuk kepada gemuk, gempal dan gebu di kalangan Puteri Umno yang dibangkitkan Naib Ketua Puteri Umno Perak Rosniza Ismail di Perhimpunan Agung Umno 2010, mencuit hati ramai anggota perwakilan di Pusat Dagangan Dunia Putra (PWTC) di sini Rabu.

Beliau berkata tahap obesiti di Malaysia ketika ini boleh dikatakan tinggi berbanding negara lain, dan menurutnya kini bukan saja telefon bimbit dilihat menampilkan aplikasi 3G, malah Puteri Umno juga ada 3G iaitu gemuk, gempal dan gebu.

"Bagaimanapun bukan wanita saja yang ada 3G tetapi lelaki pun ada 3G siap tambah 2G lagi, iaitu gendut dan gondol, jadilah 5G," katanya sambil disambut gelak ketawa dan tepukan gemuruh daripada 785 anggota perwakilan yang hadir pada Perhimpunan Agung Puteri Umno di PWTC di sini Rabu.

Katanya walaupun anggota Puteri Umno sebahagiannya merupakan 3G, namun ia bukanlah penghalang bagi pergerakan itu untuk membantu perjuangan parti dalam memenangi pilihan raya kecil Dewan Undangan Negeri Galas dan Parlimen Batu Sapi, mahupun Pilihan Raya Umum ke-13.

"Walaupun Puteri, 3G, tetapi suara kami berupaya gegarkan lawan," katanya.

Rosniza yang terus membangkitkan isu "G", turut mencuit hati anggota perwakilan dengan merujuk kepada sesetengah anggota pergerakan itu yang dianggapnya menghadapi masalah "Puteri Gedik" yang dilihat berupaya menjejaskan imej Puteri Umno.

Katanya sudah tiba masanya senario itu ditangani secara serius oleh pergerakan itu jika Puteri Umno mahu membantu menjayakan perjuangan parti.

Beliau seterusnya bercerita mengenai seorang wanita alim yang bertanyakan jalan ke pejabat pos kepada seorang wanita yang berpeleseran di kaki lima, sebelum wanita alim itu mengajak wanita berkenaan mengikutinya supaya dia boleh tunjukkan jalan ke syurga.

"Bagaimanapun wanita berpeleseran itu menyindir, katanya 'kamu nak ke pejabat pos pun tidak tahu, ini pula jalan ke syurga'. Jadi mesejnya kalau Puteri Umno nak ajak orang ikut kita, yakin dengan perjuangan Umno, bangsa dan tanah air, kita mesti elok dahulu, mesti pastikan persepsi orang pada kita baik," katanya.

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