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15 Oktober 2010

Aku dan Sikap Tidak Apa

Sikap seperti ini dah sebati dengan masyarakat kita terutama yang makan gaji di hospital kerajaan. Memang susah nak ubah.

Shameful attitude at hospital

I WOULD like to share with readers my father’s experience at the Seremban General Hospital recently. This portrays the classic Malaysian ‘tidak-apa’ attitude that is infecting many sectors like the bubonic plague.

My father went in for his scheduled follow-up at the medical clinic. During that visit, he also wanted to reschedule my mother’s appointment which was previously scheduled for November. But as it turns out, she remains here in the United States, and has decided to extend her visit by a month.

The nurse my father spoke to rudely stated that this was not possible because my mother had to come in person to make the schedule change.

Mind you, this was after having explained several times that she was out of the country, about 15,000km away. To which all she could say was “Tidak boleh, tidak boleh” and that it was my mother’s responsibility to reschedule the date herself.

As a doctor in a busy practice, I cannot at all understand that logic. Here, I would be very appreciative if a patient told me beforehand that she would not be able to show up for a future appointment as the slot can then be used to see other patients who require my services.

I am certain my physician colleagues there are busy too with long waiting lists; they would probably not appreciate no-shows either. Needy patients, on the other hand, will surely appreciate being able to be seen as soon as possible.

To refuse to reschedule an appointment just because the patient wasn’t there to do it in person, reflects a classic lackadaisical attitude that hampers efficiency and progress. This attitude needs to be changed.

Iowa, USA.

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