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01 Oktober 2010

Aku dan Bomoh Kanser


Kelantan folk prefer bomoh for cancer treatment

KOTA BARU: The people in Kelantan prefer going to traditional medicine practitioners or bomoh for cancer treatment rather than doctors at government hospitals.

Health Ministry's medical development director, Datuk Dr Azmi Shapie, said it was because of that the condition of cancer patients worsened. 

"For example in the case of breast cancer. Many women who suffer from it have some swelling of about 1 to 2cm. They are confirmed cancer patients and the hospital wants them to go for treatment, like chemotherapy, etc.

"Many of them say they want to go home first and discuss with their family, but the truth is they go to see the bomoh," he told reporters after the Malaysian Oncology Association Annual Scientific Congress here Friday.

He said there were various treatments offered by traditional medicine practitioners, purportedly to cure cancer, like massage to make the swelling disappear, without the patients realising that such a treatment could worsen their condition.

Dr Azmi said there was no proof that traditional medicine or massage could cure cancer.
"When their situation worsens or has reached a critical stage, they come to see the doctors at the hospitals, but by then it it often too late," he added. 

source: Bernama 

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  1. tah la yer..kadg2 nak ikhtiar dlm keadaan mendesak..tak leh nak ckp ape..semua orang nak sembuh cepat..penaykit dtg tiba2, nak baik payah sgt..ujian Tuhan