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15 November 2010

Aku dan bogus PhD

Kisah Fadzley Yaakob hanyalah contoh. Banyak lagi penipuan2 secara terang2an boleh dilihat di mana2. Cuma korang bukak suratkhabar Harian Metro. Banyak iklan2 jual barang atau perkhidmatan yang menggunakan pangkat2 seperti Dr, Datuk, Professor malah Sir digunakan untuk mengaburi mata masyarakat. Rasanya ramai yang dah tertipu. Tapi apa tindakan selanjutnya? Kerajaan memang buat2 tak tahulah. Jadi kita sebagai pengguna mestilah menggunakan kuasa kita untuk menghentikan penipuan2 ini daripada terus berleluasa. Yang kaya semakin kaya, yang miskin semakin miskin.

PhD degree holders peeved over phonies

I AM perturbed by cases of bogus PhDs in the country. Many people who claimed to have "doctorates" introduce themselves as Dr so and so. For starters, people with PhDs need to state the source of the doctorate, such as PhD (UM). Some even have the temerity to use the prefix "Dr" in their name cards. I remember a friend of mine, who had only secondary education, using ‘Dr' in his name card. To my knowledge, he did not pursue further studies or research to obtain a PhD degree.

Obtaining a precious doctorate is pure hard work. There are two types of doctorates. One is obtained after a long research and submitting a thesis or a dissertation on a specific area of study to a university while the other is given by universities to individuals for their excellent contribution in a specific field, which is referred to as honorary doctorate. A person with an honorary doctorate may use the title doctor, abbreviated Dr h.c. or Dr (h.c). Sometimes, they can use "Hon" before the degree like Hon PhD. It's customary to put it in parenthesis. Nowadays, many are even using fake doctorates in advertisements. Even palmists, jewellers and booksellers claim to have doctorates in their advertisements, which is unethical.

Such advertisements are rampant in the media. I remember calling a radio station for clarification on the doctorate degree of a certain person. The reply was that they just read the advertisement as it was paid by the sponsors. We should not condone such unethical practices. The advertisements should have been vetted before being aired. It is a mockery that people obtain or use the PhD title without having achieved any academic excellence. It is unfair to genuine PhD holders. It is important to regulate this matter to protect the integrity of our academia.

Perhaps we should register those with doctorates with a recognised body in order to have a database of genuine PhD holders. Then we can weed out the fake PhDs in our midst.


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