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19 November 2010

Aku dan Hospital Kerajaan Kena Lagi

Komen? Entahlah...

Treat patients like hotel guests, hospitals told

JOHOR BARU: All hospitals, including private ones, should ensure the safety of their patients as part of providing quality service. Johor Health Department director Dr Mohd Khairi Yaakub reminded hospital administrations that they should ensure all aspects of a patient’s stay was satisfactory.
“Patients at hospitals should be treated like customers at hotels.

“They (the patients) are occupants of wards and rooms, thus they should have peace of mind that they, along with their belongings, are safe,” he told The Star yesterday.

He was commenting on a recent case where a 53-year-old consultant, who was warded at a private hospital here for suspected dengue, had lost his belongings to a thief. F. M. Magentharan was admitted to the hospital at about 10am on Sunday and was given medication, which made him sleepy. When he woke up a few hours later, he found his bag containing his house keys, mobile phones, bank cards and more than RM900 missing.

“Patients go to hospitals to seek the best medical care and services, thus being robbed is definitely not good.

“Hospitals, be it private or government, should cover all aspects of ensuring that patients are satisfied during their stay (at the hospital),” said Dr Mohd Khairi.

He added that it was the patient’s right to be accorded quality service and that their satisfaction should be priority for all hospitals.

4 ulasan:

  1. kerap ke berlaku kes kecurian? x pernah dgr pulak..

    gentle reminder..

  2. kalau masuk SDMC..Prince Court tu semua, memang perlu dilayan macam duduk hotel...tapi kalau dtg kat crowded hospital mcm HSAJB, Klang GH, HKL tu semua, sila expect layanan macam duduk bajet hotel pun dah cukup baik..:)

  3. Kecurian berlaku di mana2.
    Orang yg panjang tangan dan ambik kesempatan ada di mana2.
    Rumah buruk emak di kampung pun dimasuki pencuri.

  4. dunia dan jenayah..takdapat dipisahkan.