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29 November 2010

Aku dan Nasib MO Sekarang

Email ini dikirim kepadaku oleh seorang sahabat lamaku yang beberapa kali gagal mendapat tempat ke program Master. Beliau berhenti kerja selepas setahun surat ini ditulis dan sekarang khabarnya bekerja dengan syarikat insurans. Semasa tsunami melanda Acheh, beliau menghantar email kepadaku bahawa beliau berada di Sri Lanka untuk mengambil seorang pesakit di sana. Aku dah tak dapat menghubunginya lagi selepas itu.

Surat ini dikirim ke suratkhabar NST tetapi tidak disiarkan.

To :
The Editor
New Straits Times
31 Jalan Riong
59100 Kuala Lumpur.


Dear Sir


I would be grateful if you could publish this letter.

After serving with the Ministry of Health for the past 6 years, I have finally decided to resign. The reason I am leaving is not because of the low salary or the ever-increasing workload though it definitely contributed to helping me make my decision. The reason I am leaving is because of the lack of opportunities available to pursue the masters program in a local university.

I joined Ministry of Health(MOH) in 1998 and was posted to Johor Bahru where I did my internship and was later a junior medical officer there. I was then posted to a district hospital where I served for 2 years before being posted back again to Hospital Sultanah Aminah , Johor Bahru (HSAJB) in 2002. Throughout my service, I served to the best of my ability and even scored more that 90% in my ‘Penilaian Prestasi’(SKT) every year.I was also an active member
of SCHOMOS ( Malaysian Medical Association) , Johor .

After serving the MOH well, I thought my application for the Masters program would be treated favorably. But that was just not to be. My application was rejected not once but for three years in a row! And no reasons were given to as to why I was not offered a seat. The MOH says it’s because of the University but the University in turns puts the blame on the MOH. So who is telling the truth here? And why is there no transparency what so ever in the selection process?
Why are junior officers selected but senior officers completely bypassed? I may not be good enough for the masters program but don’t I at least have the right to know why I have not been selected? Does the university know how a Ministry of Health doctor works?

I strongly agree with DR H.C. Ong of Kuala Lumpur that monetary gains alone is not the sole cause for public sector doctors to leave. Money is not everything in life for these doctors. They just need due recognition for their services and sacrifices which can be easily addressed by our Hon’ Health Minister. All that is needed is the necessary opportunities and promotions to be done in a fair and transparent manner to avoid frustrations.
Is it too much to ask for the following?

a) A fair and transparent method for the selection of candidates’ for the masters program. Priority should be given to senior medical officers.
b) Every qualified candidate who is not selected for the masters should be informed of the reason their application was not successful .
c) To improve the working conditions in Government hospitals. In the Orthopaedic clinic at HSAJB, 4 doctors have to share a consultation room to see patients . Obviously there is just no privacy for the patients.
d) To increase the call allowances to a reasonable level.
e) To promote all specialists to U48 backdated to the date of gazettment as a specialist.
f) To promote all specialist to U54 after serving for 6 years.

If these methods are implemented I am sure it will help stop the flow of doctors to the private sector especially experienced specialists and heads of departments. I do not wish to elaborate on the sacrifices of these public sector doctors. If we are serious in finding a solution, we should then stop beating around the bush and go straight to the root cause. With the introduction of “Sistem Saraan Malaysia” last year ,which makes it compulsory for all doctors to pass the “Penilaian Tahap Kecekapan(PTK)” exams before getting any promotion, the brain drain is
going to get worse. Specialist degrees from local and foreign universities are not recognized as a
competency test anymore. Even if you have an internationally recognized degree, you still remain in the U41 pay scale if you do not pass the Public Service Department’s PTK exams which is more
administrative in nature. In no way does it evaluate the competency of a doctor.

Compelling private sector doctors to work in government hospitals is definitely not the answer as
they have already done their part for the country. And the hiring of foreign doctors has only added to the problem and solved nothing. I am sure the MOH is aware of the problems related to the recruitment of foreign specialists. If nothing is done seriously to address this problem, we would soon find our health services run by foreign doctors and patients will have difficulty in communicating with their doctors in their home country. As it is, the outpatient section at the A&E Department of HSAJB seems to be completely run by foreign doctors. What next? The Pengarah’s office?

Thank you.

Yours truly,

Dr Remedy.
Johor Bahru

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  1. Nice blogspot......if can Dr. Zouldahan, try to get this article because it is really interesting to know more about what is the doctor is having in their everyday life......their difficulties....... I really like your blogspot and I an going to be your loyal FOLLOWER!!!!!!

  2. Calvin Charles,
    Thank you for visiting.
    Loyal follower?
    He he he...

  3. Sebab pembuat dasarnya (PTD) bukan doctor, so mereka memang tak akan faham atau buat buat tak faham. Doc yg ada dlm management team pun tak tau lah buat apabenda, makan gaji buta aja agaknya

  4. Doktor sekarang dah berlambak ..ratio 1:900 ..refer Dr Pagal..nak ambik master susah..after this dr jobless..BTW I am a doctor..