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13 November 2010

Aku dan New Movie: Megamind

I love Will Ferrell, even though I do realize his performances have been lacking in his last few movies. I also love super villains. I have been excited to see Megamind all year long, even though a part of me was sure that I’d end up disappointed – it is a super villain movie after we’ve already seen Despicable Me. However, Megamind was wonderfully original (it’s about what happens after the super villain defeats the hero) and lived up to my expectations.

The 3D in Megamind is pretty take it or leave it. It does add depth and a bit of fun at some moments, such as when a crowd member calls out, “I love you, Metro Man!” and Metro Man responds, but at the same time you’re not missing anything if you see it in 2D. The animation was great. All the characters’ emotions are in their eyes, and you can always kind of see what they’re thinking. The opening narration of the movie works well, because we’re seeing how the story actually unfolded, but at the same time learning how Megamind interpreted the events. The movie also has elements of nature vs. nurture that are interesting to see in a super villain movie. Megamind also has a pretty awesome soundtrack, with music from the likes of AC/DC, Ozzy Osbourne, and Michael Jackson.

I enjoyed Will Ferrell’s performance as Megamind. Megamind is an over the top character, but for the first time in a long time, Ferrell’s acting was not. One thing we could always hear in Megamind’s voice was sadness and loneliness, which fits the character well, no matter how much Megamind tries to convince us otherwise, even if he doesn’t realize he is. An example of this is after Metro Man is out of the picture and Megamind finds that he isn’t as happy as he should be. While he tries to make it seem that he’s bored, he discusses his feelings about the situation with an inanimate object, which proves just how lonely he really is.

David Cross is great as Minion. Minion is Megamind’s only friend, and they’ve been together since Megamind’s parents sent them off their dying home planet. Minion’s only goal is to protect Megamind, a job he performs well. Minion and Megamind have a great chemistry as friends, and even when they fight there’s just that sadness and awkwardness that occurs when real friends fight. Minion is also a bit overdramatic, but he’s never too much.

Jonah Hill made a wonderful Hal/Tighten. Hal was awkward and nerdy, but then he inadvertently becomes super-powered. At that point, he becomes creepy, and this is before anything goes wrong. Hal might be a little stereotypical as an almost stalkery loner who you’re secretly afraid might kill you, but if he wasn’t a stereotype, the movie wouldn’t work. I’ve never been scared of Jonah Hill before, but in this movie I was. This dark side of Jonah Hill is something that I would like to see more of.

I liked Brad Pitt as Metro Man. I don’t want to compare Metro Man and Megamind with Batman and The Joker, but it is a similar relationship. The two have always been perfect opposites of each other, and yet are two sides of the same coin. Metro Man has the same sadness and loneliness that Megamind has, though it’s not as obvious at first. It’s very subtle, but you can tell that there’s something more to Metro Man early on.

Tina Fey is unfortunately the only actor who didn’t impress me, but it’s not really her fault. The character of Roxanne Ritchi has no character arc. Her character doesn’t really grow. They try to make it look like she does, but even when she does “change,” it still supports ideals she had since the beginning of the movie. Roxanne Ritchi is more of a prop that plays a part in the other characters’ lives, because as an independent character she just falls flat.

Overall, Megamind is a great movie that adults can enjoy just as much as children. In fact, it’s only the second animated movie I’ve seen this year that didn’t feel like it was aimed at or pandering to children. Super villain fans, animation fans, and fans of any of the actors in the movie must see Megamind.

REVIEWED BY Emmaleigh R. Hall from bscreview.com

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