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09 Disember 2010

Aku dan Occupational Hazard

Ada patient yang sanggup bergaduh dengan doktor pasal MC. Ada patient yang campak ubat kat nurse bila tak dapat MC. Ada patient yang memaki hamun dan mencarut bila tak dapat MC. Ada patient yang bawak emak bapak, boyfriend, tunang malah kerani pejabat lawyer semata2 nak mintak MC. Memang susah nak justify pemberian MC ni. Terutamanya untuk penyakit2 yang tak nampak.

Doctors caught in the middle over sick leave

YOUR reports and letters regarding the abuse of sick certificates, and the loss of productivity, needs to be looked at a little more critically. What most people do not realized is that it is often difficult for doctors to decide to give or not to give MCs.

Most patients who want an MC have complaints such as a stiff neck, backache, diarrhoea, abdominal colic or inability to sleep the previous night because of migraine. These complaints are difficult to verify by any doctor. I have seen doctors uselessly arguing with patients because they do not want to be blamed for issuing too many MCs. The point to note is that there are no clear-cut physical signs when patients come with such complaints.

The sick certificate the doctor has to sign also does not make sense. He is supposed to sign a piece of paper saying he “has seen and examined this person and found him to be unfit for work for xxx days”. There is no way a doctor can honestly sign such a certificate based on the above complaints. Yet not to give an MC when genuinely required is also unfair.

I would suggest a way out for both doctor and employees.

The individual seeking an MC should fill out an application in duplicate containing his complaint and how many days he thinks he would be unfit for work. This form should state if he needs any medication or investigation. Most patients do not, but it does not mean they do not have genuine complaints.

The doctor then interviews the patient and approves or does not approve his request. One copy is retained with the doctor while the other is to be sent by the patient to his employer. The traditional sick certificate should be abolished for these kind of cases. My advice to doctors is to be generous with such applications provided this format is followed. If the employee takes too much sick leave, it is up to the employer to send him before a Medical Board to assess his fitness to continue working. This is provided by law.

It is about time doctors are protected from insinuations by employers and the public.

KUALA Lumpur.

3 ulasan:

  1. Saya pernah bergaduh dengan patient sampai ke tahap nak bertumbuk, sampai ke luar klinik. Dia ingat dia sorang aja ada penumbuk.

  2. Saya belum pernah bertumbuk lagilah.
    Tapi kereta saya pernah kena calar masa kerja kat kerajaan dulu.
    Tak pasti lak patient ke staf hospital yg buat.

  3. " Doktor, kalau saya mati kat kilang nanti camna? Sapa yg nak tanggungjawab????"
    " Kalau kau mati, kau datang cari aku. Tak pernah patient aku mati kerana tak dapat MC."