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13 Januari 2011

Aku dan Dr Mickey Mouse(2)

An Open Letter to The Government:
(Version No. 2 - sent to all English newspapers - see which one will catch, if ever).

Dear Sir,

I am here to inform you that there are certain people in this great country of ours, who are taking the consumers for a ride, for quite a number of years now. From the research that I had done, I had found that there are a number of suspicious (as so far.. "alleged fraud") cases concerning the the title of "Dr.", "Professor" and even "Emeritus Professor" being bandied around as a mode of self-promotion, where in turn, it is used as a tool in their respective business-schemes. Sometimes the technology in the products being promoted themselves are clearly non-existent and as bogus as the degree that these individuals paraded.

The business of drinking water that sells RM8 a bottle, whereas a bottle of 1.5L of mineral/drinking water cost one-tenth of that. How did the relevant government agencies let this scam go unchecked for these last few years? The technology that is promoted along with this scam is said to come from Albert Einstein and Max Planck, really big names in Physics (Quantum Mechanics specifically), but there is absolutely no such science existed except the mind of the owner of the company. And he gets away with it, building his empire of MLM products, along with the fact that he has a line of bogus academic credentials too, including the titles above, plus the knighthood that carry the title "Sir". Really mind-boggling.

The title of "Emeritus Professor Dr. Sir" is blatantly a fraud, and there are a few of those individuals that carry almost the same title such as "Professor Dr"... which evidently comes from an institution of higher learning from Sri Lanka that doesn't exist, except on a website. No buildings, no teaching staffs, not known to Sri Lankan Ministry of Education. A complete well-known fraud for years, and apparently well-documented all over the world. In Malaysia, there exist a young motivational speaker with the title of Prof. Dr. with a side-business of alternative medicine that doesn't make sense. Another case of Emeritus Prof. Dr. has yet another MLM company that has his own line of suspicious products. And there are also those Doctors of a-dime-a-dozen variety around the country getting their MD from the same source. Please check the entities/companies of ECPI, Colour Vibration Therapy and Millionaire Mind Power.

I think these whole series of scams are really making a mockery of our own institutions of higher learning here in Malaysia. For all those 20,000 plus doctors registered with Malaysian Medical Council and for all those 14,000 plus PhD holders, they must be turning crimson from anger and loathing, learning the existent of such lunacy. And what about the feelings of those people who failed in those tedious exams after exams in their respective courses, and those who did not complete their theses?

There are 2 clear issues here concerning our consumers. One, the MLM products that has no basis in science and produced by suspect fraudsters that claim they have credentials sky-high, and they are actually making a killing in selling useless products to unsuspecting Malaysian consumers for years now. Two, what action should be taken by Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia (KKM) and Kementerian Perdagangan Dalam Negeri, Koperasi dan Penggunaan (PKDNKK) about the issue of those "Mickey Mouse MD and PhD" and about the MLM products that is sold like nobody's business as we speak? How long will these go on?

Aidid Mu'addib.

p.s Aku mengharapkan keajaiban agar surat ini dapat kelulusan dan dicetak dalam akhbar2 utama negara.

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