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05 Januari 2011

Aku dan PERMATApintar

Semoga salah seorang daripada anak2ku dapat mengikuti program ini...

138 gifted students selected for Permata Pintar programme

BANGI: A total of 138 gifted Form Four students have been chosen to take part in the inaugural Permata Pintar High School Programme at Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia starting Jan 17. Permata Pintar Negara Programme patron Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor said to date, 115 of them including 44 girls had accepted the invitation to join the programme. The rest, she said, had yet to reply as their parents might want to get more information about the fees structure.

“Some of the parents earn below RM3,000 per month. We have already discussed this matter and would like to assure parents not to worry about the fees once their children have been issued the invitation,” she told reporters after visiting the site of the school yesterday.

Rosmah said she would discuss with the Government and Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak on how best to help these gifted students so that they would not be denied the chance to take part in the programme. The proposed fee is RM1,000 for every semester (six months).

The full-time two-year programme’s curriculum is made up of six components, including academic, international communication, scientific projects and co-curriculum activities. The programme is planned to be a model mode of education for gifted students involving the integration of middle high school curriculum injected with some parts of higher education syllabus and balanced with the curriculum for international-level education.

Rosmah said the first phase of the project, involving the construction of laboratories, classrooms and administrative building had been completed while student hostels were expected to be completed next year. For the time being, she said, the pioneer group of students would be temporarily housed at the Zaaba Hostel in UKM.

She said it had also been agreed that students who were offered places overseas would be allowed to leave the programme halfway.

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