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07 Januari 2011

Aku dan Ted Williams

Satu kisah menyayat hati...

Homeless US man with velvety voice back with mom

COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP): A homeless man whose silky announcing voice has catapulted him to national fame reunited Thursday with his mother, recorded a commercial for Kraft Macaroni & Cheese and agreed to do voiceover work for MSNBC. Video posted by The Columbus Dispatch shows Ted Williams walking quickly toward his 90-year-old mother at their New York reunion. Williams says, "Hi, Mommy. Hi, Mommy," when he sees her in a hotel for the first time in about 20 years. Brooklyn resident Julia Williams covers her face as her son approaches, and he hugs her, saying, "I feel the same way, Mommy."
"I'm home," Williams says. "I told you I was coming this year. I don't look the best, but I'm home."
Williams, 53, was left homeless after his life was ruined by drugs and alcohol, and he was living in a tent near a highway in Columbus just days ago. He quickly became an online sensation after the Dispatch posted a clip of him demonstrating his voiceover skills while begging by the side of the road. Williams appeared on NBC's "Today" show Thursday morning and has been offered jobs by the NBA's Cleveland Cavaliers and others.
At the reunion, he wore a camouflage jacket over clothes that he told his mother are all that he owns and said he just finished doing a commercial for Kraft Macaroni & Cheese that is to air Sunday during the Fight Hunger Bowl on ESPN. Williams recorded voiceover promos Thursday for MSNBC's Lean Forward campaign, and the spots were to begin running immediately, network spokeswoman Tanya Hayre said. He was being paid for the spots, Hayre said, but she declined to say how much.

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2 ulasan:

  1. hmm.. drug addicts ni memang suara otomatik jadi best kot? mcm jamal @bdillah n s@lem tu??
    btw, tetiba glamer pakcik ni kan

  2. Dunia tanpa sempadan...

    Tak susah nak jadi glamour sekarang...

    Hantar aje kat Youtube...

    Justin Bieber contohnya...