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09 April 2011

Aku dan Nasib Pelajar CUCMS

Siapa yang patut dipersalahkan?
Pihak universiti yang mengabaikan undang2 dan polisi kerajaan?
Pihak kerajaan yang kurang penyeliaan dan pemantauan?
Ibubapa yang terdesak inginkan anak menjadi doktor?
Atau pelajar2 yang teringin sangat menjadi doktor?
Undang2 tetap undang2.
Walau dibayar banyak manapun, pembelajaran perubatan tiada nilai wang ringgit.
Tapi tidak di Malaysia.
Di sini, ada duit semua jadi.
Pelajar Sastera pun boleh jadi doktor perubatan.
CYBERJAYA: The furore surrounding the Cyberjaya University College of Medical Sciences (CUCMS) shows no signs of abating as angry parents demand action over their “stranded” children. This comes after 68 medical students were forced to transfer to other institutions as a result of CUCMS exceeding the 150-student quota set by the Malaysian Medical Council (MMC). Around 50 parents, who turned up yesterday to discuss the academic fate of their children with the institution's senior staff, were left disappointed.

Later, parents said tempers had flared during the “closed-door” meeting with the institution, from which the press had been barred. One parent, Datuk Paduka Mohd Yusof Musa, whose 20-year-old son Mohd Hishadudin was one of those affected, said it was unfair that the students had to suffer.

“Although the college is negotiating for the students' transfer to other institutions, they are in a state of limbo as most have yet to receive offer letters,” he said, claiming some sponsored students would have to repeat their first year while many parents were also seeking financial compensation.
“Some have attended interviews with other medical schools but until something concrete materialises, they are at the mercy of the negotiations,” said Mohd Yusof, urging both the Higher Education Ministry and the MMC to look into the matter.

Mara student Farhan Zulkifli said he did not qualify for a credit transfer to another institution due to differences in syllabi and learning methods, and would have to repeat his first year.
“This is the third meeting on the matter and it is a waste of time without any concrete solution. My parents came all the way from Johor for nothing,” he said.

Angry parents who alerted The Star to their plight had claimed that they were spending more than RM100,000 to fund their children through foundation studies and the first year of an “unrecognised” medical course. Following the “illegal” intake, the MMC had withdrawn CUCMS' accreditation and the medical school must now re-apply for it. It is learnt that 23 Mara and 22 Public Service Department-sponsored students are affected. Yesterday, The Star's reporter and photographer were swiftly “ushered” into a holding room upon arriving at CUCMS.

“We have nothing to hide but you are not allowed at the briefing and these are our premises,” said a staff member.

CUCMS president Prof Datuk Dr Abu Abdullah said it was actively working on a solution with five other institutions and the MMC.

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  1. saya rasa lebih elok lagi kalau hanya ada UM, USM, dan UKM aja. Jaga prestij medical degree di Malaysia ni.

    Elok lah tu..sebab bapak student tu Datuk..buku bertemu ruas.

    Kalau harap parents org kampung...alahaiiiii

  2. hahaha...tak sangka betul...datuk tu ex ydp pibg sekolah aku...seseri...terkejut giler..

  3. Ini adalah cerita lama. Sekrg tak ada masalah dan sebenarnya CUCMS mempunyai ramai senior lect...even prof2 yg dulu adalah lect medical department at usm dan ukm..