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14 April 2011

Aku, OKB dan IRB

Berita yang bagus di baca di kala hati sedang berduka.

IRB sets up special unit to monitor claims


JOHOR BARU: The Inland Revenue Board (IRB) is keeping an eye on individuals who claim to have become instant millionaires by joining multi-level marketing schemes and online businesses. Johor IRB assistant director and public relations officer Nor'azam Sulaiman said the board would go after these people should investigations show they had failed to declare an increase in their in-come. He said a special unit had been set up to monitor claims by individuals that they had became millionaires through these businesses.

We have proof to charge them for tax evasion based on information published in print media such as newspapers, magazines, brochures and flyers,” said Nor'azam.

Nor'azam said it was too good to be true that they could earn up to hundreds of thousands of ringgit within the first month of joining such businesses or being given luxury cars by the companies in less than a year. He said that although it was not wrong to purchase advertising space in newspapers or magazines to promote such businesses, it was unethical to make false declarations. Nor'azam said the IRB would also not spare celebrities singers, actors, models and sportsmen who claim they had also been making “tonnes of money” from these businesses. He said many such companies often used celebrities to attract and recruit individuals into becoming their downliners by holding seminars and road shows.

“First, we'll go after these instant millionaires' to settle their income tax and if we fail to do that, the companies will have to pay the dues on their behalf,” said Nor'azam.

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  1. bagus!!..hahaha..eksyen berposing dgn bmw(hak milik bank lagi)...biar IRB kejar..:P