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17 Julai 2011

Aku, the Reds dan the Devils 2.0

Rooney hails Devils fan as a legend

PETALING JAYA: Manchester United striker Wayne Rooney has come out in support of his club's Malaysian fan who wore the Red Devils jersey to a Liverpool training session, calling him a “legend”.

Rooney took to Twitter last night to praise the young man, saying “The lad who went to watch Liverpool train in MUFC top with my name on the back is a legend.”

It was reported yesterday that a Manchester United fan had pushed his luck a little too far when he showed up at the Liverpool training session at the National Stadium in Bukit Jalil on Thursday wearing the Red Devils kit.

A video captured at the training session and later uploaded on YouTube showed the young man wearing a Rooney No 10 jersey, surrounded by hordes of Liverpool fans.

The Manchester United fan's jersey was eventually lifted off by the Liverpool supporters in front of a crowd yelling “Buka! Buka!” (“Take it off!”).

The Reds tried forcing him to wear a Liverpool jersey, but he refused and sat shirtless before being led away from the jeering fans.

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  1. Gila lah..Rooney pun komen...Hahaha..saya pun dah tgk utube tu...budak india tu mmg saja carik pasal..wakakkaka