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16 Julai 2011

Aku Tak Sebodoh Mamat Ini

Mencari glamour?
Mencari nahas?
Atau kedua-duanya?
Aku tabik kat mamat sorang ni.
Berani. Kental. Tabah.
Juga semestinya Kipas Susah Mati ( Diehard Fan ) Man United.
Walaupun kena provoked dan dimalukan,
dia tak mengaku kalah.

Liverpool fans shame a Devil

PETALING JAYA: A Manchester United fan pushed his luck a little too far when he showed up at the Liverpool training session at the National Stadium in Bukit Jalil wearing the Red Devils kit.

Liverpool fans saw red and he was lucky to get away with only losing his shirt.
Raging hell-raisers: (From top to bottom) The young man is spotted sporting the jersey, prompting Kopites to force him to strip. He then left, before returning in a Malaysian national team jersey.

A video captured at the training session on Thursday and later uploaded on YouTube showed a young man clad in his Rooney No 10 jersey, surrounded by hordes of Liverpool fans, including women, seated directly in front of him.

He resisted attempts to strip him, but his jersey was eventually lifted off in front of a crowd yelling “Buka! Buka!” (“Take it off!”). He refused to put on the Liverpool jersey, even as it was forcibly put over his head, and sat stone-faced and shirtless for a moment before he was led away from the jeering fans.

However, the Reds still failed to get him to wear their kit as he was later seen in the video wearing a yellow Malaysia jersey. Liverpool fans who were nearby as the spectacle unfolded said he was asking for trouble.

“He can come to watch, but he should have known better with the rivalry between the two clubs,” said Zuliantie Dzul, 29.

“He was showing off his jersey, making sure everybody saw him,” said Tommy Lim, 27.

2 ulasan:

  1. hmm...macam keterlaluan je reaksi penyokong liverpool. malu ah!

  2. Biasalah.
    Bila dah jadi majoriti.

    Saya dan kawan saya pernah kena.
    Kat Stadium Shah Alam.
    Selangor vs Johor.
    Terlebih sorak bila Johor score.
    Nasib baik tak kena bukak baju...