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05 Ogos 2011

Aku dan Consultation Fee

Kalaulah aku boleh charge ikut masa,
kan lebih bagus.
Makin lama dengan aku, makin mahal bayarannya.
Makin banyak soalan, makin mahal bayarannya.
Ini tidak.
5 minit ke, 10 minit ke, 20 minit ke, 
bayarannya tetap sama.

Apatahlagi kalau lepas tanya banyak2,
satu ubat pun tak nak ambik.
Lepas tanya soalan banyak2,
semua ubat tak nak.
Cuma nak luahkan perasaan sahaja.
Bagaimana pula dengan house call consultation?
Bagaimana pula dengan phone call consultation?

Kalaulah aku fix ikut carta di bawah,
dah lama aku jadi jutawan.
Tapi aku selalu ingatkan diriku sendiri.
Menjadi doktor bukan untuk kaya.
Menjadi doktor bukan untuk mewah.
Menjadi doktor untuk berkhidmat kepada masyarakat.
Menjadi doktor kerana Allah.
Biar rezeki lebih berkat dan melekat.
Aku akan sentiasa ingat yang itu. 

Tapi kadang2 aku naik bengang.
Pesakit tidak menghargai.
Berbuih mulut memberi nasihat.
Ubat masih tak makan.
Masih percaya kat ubat2 MLM.
Masih nak cari tok bomoh.
Aku juga naik fed up.
Pesakit mengambil kesempatan.
Sikit2 nak MC.
Setiap bulan nak minta MC.

How Much Are You Worth?
Dr S'ng Kim Hock, Consultant Neurologist

How much is the doctor's consultation worth?
When I was a child, I recall my mum having to pay between RM10 to RM15 for a consultation with my family practitioner. At that time, a big plate of chicken rice cost 50 sen and a haircut was 50 sen too. Ice kacang was only 10 to 20 sen and a cheap matinee ticket was as low as 25 sen. My pair of shoes cost about RM15 and so was my pair of spectacles and my long pants!

What has happened? Why are we still worth RM15 for a GP consultation and as low as RM50 for a specialist consultation.

This article is not out to find a reason for the low inflation in the doctor's consult, whether it be stupidity, competition, deflation, oppression or market forces! Rather, I am more interested in establishing an answer to the question: How much is the doctor worth? How much is your time worth?

The accountant may charge RM350 for an hour of his time while the lawyer will bill you between RM500 to RM1000 for the hour. We should be somewhere there, whether above the lawyer, between the accountant and the lawyer but certainly not lower than the accountant!

The answer is based on the formula called TIME X EXPERTISE. All doctors have the same value. Hence, I believe all doctors have the same worth - per minute. The senior, experienced and successful doctor may charge a premium or the new entry into the specialist field may charge a little less but everyone should drift to a higher ground not lower!

And for heaven's sake, forget the idea of VOLUME, except for the general practitioners where volume is essential.

Interestingly, it all works out to a similar figure - your earnings, or how much you think you should earn per month. I will not state this unmentionable figure, lest greed and jealousy overwhelm our predators'!

The formula is simple!

X is equal to the number of patients you can see in one hour. This is obtained by the nature of your practice and the amount of time you need to see [clear] each patient.

Y is the factor depending on the type of consultation you offer.

We can perhaps categorise practitioners into four categories, and the type of consultation into four categories also.

The very short consult [5 minutes], the short consult [10 - 15 minutes], the medium consult [15 - 30 minutes] and the long consult [30 - 60 minutes]. The very long consultation also exists for the rare sub-subspecialist who sees less than 5 patients a day.

The practitioner can be classified [no-offence to any] as the general practitioner, the family practitioner, the general specialist, the subspecialist.

The table below shows clearly how there is an inverse ratio to the categories.

This table shows clearly that the worth of every doctor is about the same for all categories, and it depends on the amount of time you spend with your patient. We all have the same number of working hours per day.

If, however, we allow third parties to squeeze our earning down to the pre-Merdeka days, then we will all be struggling to feed ourselves from a diminishing bowl.

Doctors, including specialists, must remain united in the family of health care. All we seek is our worth and we should not be lower than RM350 an hour, for the time we spend with our patients. We must be a few cuts above the barber, several levels above the plumber, and many layers above the brick-layer and certainly not stoop lower than the ladies or men of leisure or pleasure.

It is not acceptable for any consultation [without medication] to be less than RM20 in this new millennium or a detailed medical examination to be less than RM100.

Come on doc, stand firm and be united!

The Successful Practitioner: Number of consultations per day.
Type / Cost of Consult General
General Specialist
eg Physician
eg Nephrologist
Very Short Consult [RM20] 75 5 - -
Short Consult [RM40] 5 30 5 -
Medium Consult [RM80] - 5 15 2
Long Consult [RM150] - - 10 6
Total Income 1700 1700 1700 1700

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