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04 Oktober 2011

Aku dan iPhone 5

Tomorrow is the day all of us Apple and iPhone fans have been waiting for since June. Tomorrow Apple will finally debut the new iPhone. However, questions still exist. Will they debut iPhone 5 or will it be iPhone 4S, or will it be both? That is just one of many questions that are on the minds of many people as we await the highly anticipated Fall Event tomorrow at 10am PST.

Rumors and unanswered questions:

Let's assume that Apple is going to debut the iPhone 5, instead of an iPhone 4S, for the sake of argument. If so, these are the questions that people are wondering about.

1. Will iPhone 5 have a radically different design?
         There have been rumors for months that the next iPhone would look much different from the last one. Most of the rumors centered on a larger screen, but recently new rumors have sprung up that the new iPhone will not only have a bigger screen, but it will also be thinner, taller and have a teardrop shape. Whether or not any of these rumors are true is anyone's guess. The hard core Appleheads that I have talked to, have told me that they don't expect any radical redesigns. They say it's just not Apple's style and that when Apple finds something that works they rarely make any drastic changes. I have to say that I think they are wrong this time. The iPhone needs a bigger screen to compete with the likes of the Droid. If I am going to have real internet on my phone then I need a screen that allows me to enjoy it. Apple knows this, so I expect it to happen. If that's the case then a bigger screen calls for a different body. You can't put a bigger screen on the current iPhone design without making it look like it was just shoved on there with no thought put into it. Look for a completely different looking phone this time around.

2. Will iPhone 5 have the new A5 processor?

      It has been rumored that this version of the iPhone will come with a faster processor, presumably the same processor that is currently in the iPad 2. If this is the case, then iPhone 5 will be by far the fastest phone on the market today. If they can do it I don't see why they wouldn't. Who wouldn't want a phone with faster processing capability?

3.  Will the iPhone 5 be 4G compatible?

    It had been rumored that the new iPhone wouldn't be 4G compatible because Apple wasn't happy with the battery consumption of the current 4G chip technology. However, as much as Apple is battery conscious, I just don't see them releasing a new phone that isn't 4G compatible. All of their competitors' phones work with 4G. It just wouldn't be a smart business decision to release the iPhone 5 without this capability. It is possible that they may wait until next summer to release an iPhone that is 4G compatible because that is when most of the carriers plan on having nationwide 4G coverage. However, if you are going to release a phone that has a faster processor than any other phone on the market then why would you not make it work with the fastest network available? Look for the new iPhone to be 4G compatible.

4. Now, let's visit the question that we copped out on in the beginning of this article. We assumed that they would be releasing an iPhone 5 and not an iPhone 4S. Why would we assume that? Because it would be an epic fail for Apple to make everyone wait this much longer for the next iPhone only to disappoint them with a phone that wasn't a huge improvement over the last one. There is no way that Apple will put out a phone that is only a slight improvement over the iPhone 4. It worked for the 3GS, but it won't work again. Look for Apple to debut an iPhone 5 tomorrow.

Source: www.metrowny.com

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  1. apple takkan letak selambak teknologi kat henfon baru diorang.kalau ada 10 teknologi baru dia akan letak sikit2~kira teknologi kamera ble rakam hd untuk iphone 5.untuk iphone 6 plak dia letak kamera ble rakam full hd.strategi pemasaran je lebih~keh keh~~

  2. alaaa.....
    saya baaaaru je beli ifon4 ni.....

  3. DrSinga,

    Mana ada iPhone 5?
    Cuma ada iPhone4S aje...
    Betul cakap Bujal.
    Semuanya strategi pemasaran...