Aku dan Peristiwa 11.11.11

Eleven meant to start work at 11.11am on 11.11.11 duped of RM11,000 by duo


MALACCA: Nov 11, 2011 is an auspicious date for many but not for 11 women here. They were cheated of RM11,000 by two female con artists. The duo apparently used a bead adorned with 11 different garments said to have the power to hypnotise their victims.

Special Secretary (Welfare and Public Affairs) to Malacca Chief Minister Datuk M.S. Mahadevan said the victims, aged between 30 and 42, were approached by the two women at their houses in Bachang on Wednesday. The duo had offered them jobs at several school canteens in Batu Berendam here with a basic salary of RM900 and an additional RM200 in allowance. They were supposed to begin work at 11.11am today.

“The two women, who were described as voluptuous and sweet-talkers, told the victims that the time and date of their employment were auspicious,” he said here yesterday.
He added that the 11 were also told to attend a medical examination at 11am at the Malacca Hospital yesterday as a pre-requisite.

“They were transported in a van and upon reaching the hospital, they were told to place their jewellery, watches and purses amounting to about RM11,000 in four different bags before they underwent an X-ray screening.
“One of the victims was asked to guard the bags at the entrance.
“Then, one of the con artists hypnotised her with the bead,” he said.

Mahadevan said the rest of the group became suspicious when the medical officers asked them for official permission letters from the schools and the canteen operators.
“When they rushed outside, the two con artists had fled while their friend sat on a bench in a confused state,” he added.

Mahadevan said he had helped them lodge police reports after they sought his assistance.
“Chief Minister Datuk Seri Mohd Ali Rustam directed that financial aid be disbursed to the victims.”
Mahadevan said one of the victims even had to cancel her engagement scheduled for today after she lost her money in the scam.
“We will help her so she can continue with the ceremony,” he added.

11 wanita cukup umur dan akalnya.
Dijanjikan pekerjaan di kantin2 sekolah.
Gaji RM 1100 sebulan.
Mula bekerja 11.11 pagi.
Pada 11.11.11.

Tapi sebelum tu kena buat medical check up dulu.
Kena tanggalkan semua barang kemas,
jam, beg tangan dan walet sebelum x-ray.

Lepas tu baru tahu dah kena tipu.
Kalau ikut logik akalku,
memang tak masuk akal.
11 orang dewasa yang cukup umur.
Boleh sama2 kena tipu.
Teringat cerita bomoh temberang dalam Do Re Mi.
Mana ada ilmu pukau?
Cuma ilmu temberang aje.


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