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17 Januari 2012

Aku dan Dr Mickey Mouse

Aku tak sabar nak tahu kisah selanjutnya.
Dah tahu cerita sebenar,
baru aku berani nak komen.

Preventing use of fake certs for promotions


PETALING JAYA: Government departments should have an internal mechanism to check the authenticity of qualifications submitted by civil servants to prevent unscrupulous individuals from submitting false documents for promotions.

Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) director of investigations Datuk Mustafar Ali said that although the process of checking and verifying documents would be laborious and time-consuming, it was necessary to prevent civil servants from cheating.

“Government departments should consider this option as there are incidents where people falsify their documents in order to be given a higher position.
“Although such incidents are rare, it is worth considering, especially when the Government wants to ensure its employees are honest and are people of high integrity,” he said.

Mustafar was commenting on a report where a female doctor in a government department was caught falsifying documents in order to move up the ranks.
He said the 39-year-old doctor, who was a director of a department in a state, would be charged today. 
He added that this case was rare “but nonetheless worrying”.
“Civil servants or anyone for that matter must realise that a promotion is given based on merit. One should not resort to cheating just to gain a promotion,” Mustafar said.

Public Service Department director-general Tan Sri Abu Bakar Abdullah, who described the case as isolated, said he would direct the concerned department to submit a report.

“We will have to check the allegations that documents she submitted were falsified. However, I hope the public will not have any negative perception because this is an isolated incident,” he added.

Abu Bakar said civil servants' service records were “usually intact”, adding that each promotion would be decided by a committee at the ministry and the department depending on the grade and position of the employee.

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  1. gila kan kes ni....saya baca pun pelik

    1. Memang pelik.
      Kantoi lagi.
      Sebelum buat tak fikir dulu ke?

  2. doktor veterinar.. rajin dia promote diri sendiri

    1. Bukan Dr Mickey Mouse.
      Dr Veterinar rupanya...