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18 Januari 2012

Aku dan Universal Studio Singapore

Entri ini ditujukan khas untuk anak2.

Universal Studio Singapore.
Yang kedua di Asia selepas Jepun.
"A must see and visit place" kata kawan2 yang dah pergi.
Keluasannya 20 hektar.
Ada 7 zon yang berbeza2.
Ada Hollywood Walk of Fame.
Ada bandar New York masa zaman gangster dulu2.
Ada bandar zaman futuristik.
Ada kota zaman kuno Egypt.
Ada dunia Jurassic Park dan Waterworld.
Ada zaman Far Far Away dan alam haiwan Madagascar.
Walaupun begitu,
satu hari dah cukup untuk melawat semua kawasan.
Bila aku nak pergi melawat?
Nanti kalau dah sampai aku cerita lagi.


8 Tips to Maximise Enjoyment at Universal Studio Singapore 

1. If you are looking for a way to get through Universal Studio Singapore quickly, then I highly recommend you visit on either Tuesdays or Wednesdays. You can always pay for an express pass on a regular day, but if you prefer to save your money than you should head over there on these days because foot traffic is the lowest at this time. Plus, if you don’t like really big crowds, this would definitely be the perfect time to go because it will be a lot less unnerving for you.

2. There are quite a few rides and attractions that form very long lines. If you don’t want to wait on lines like this, or you are just impatient, then you should take them up on their offer and get yourself an express pass which will allow you to speed through the lines much quicker.

3. You’ll be able to easily conquer the entire Universal Studio Singapore in one day if you purchase the express pass. So, do that and you will not miss out on anything nor waste any time.

4. When visiting Universal Studio Singapore, the sun can get extremely hot. Therefore, try to go on all of your rides early in the morning. Then you’ll have the whole latter part of the day available to check out the indoor shows throughout the afternoon when the heat of the sun is at its peak! Alternatively, you can always drop by the WaterWorld and get wet to cool yourself down.

5. Pay close attention to all of the show times while visiting Universal Studio Singapore. You don’t want to accidentally miss one of the live shows since this is one of the main reasons patrons went there for. Always keep all of the available show times in mind while walking around the park during the day.

6. If you are extremely brave and you have guts enough to go for the glory, then you should definitely check out the roller coaster Battlestar Galactica on the red track. But if you aren’t that brave, but still love theme park rides, then you can head over to the Enchanted Airways and Canopy Flyer.

7. There are some excellent rides that your children are certainly going to love. And don’t worry, because they are very gentle and nothing crazy like the roller coasters previously mentioned. You should check out the following rides when visiting with children: Treasure Hunters, Dino-Soarin, King Julien’s Beach Party Go-Around, Madagascar: A Crate Adventure and Magic Potion Spin.

8. The best places to get a water refill are at Goldilocks, which is a fast food restaurant. But don’t feel limited to this one location, because there are actually plenty of water points throughout the park that aren’t difficult to find when visiting Universal Studio Singapore.

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