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22 Mei 2012

Aku bukan Dr Kamal Amzan

Aku bukan Dr Kamal Amzan.
Tapi aku mahu menjadi sepertinya.
Bukan setakat merawat pesakit.
Tapi memberikan 'dunia' kepada para pesakitnya.
Aku pernah kenal beberapa doktor sepertinya.
Mr Saw; Bekas Pakar Urologi di HSAJB.
Ketua Jabatan terbaik pernah aku jumpa.
Juga manusia paling humble pernah aku jumpa.
Aku mahu menjadi mereka.

Doctor’s good service has family’s gratitude

I WRITE to thank Dr Kamal Amzan for a job well done in treating my father two weeks ago.

My father who is staying alone is a hypertensive diabetic. He was recently started on insulin therapy by a hospital and had slipped in the bathroom after feeling giddy. I wanted to take him to the hospital but he insisted on seeing this doctor whom he has met before. The good doctor examined thoroughly him (unlike many we have encountered in the past) and took time to explain to me why it was not a stroke and why my father had hypoglycaemia.

His place of practice was crowded but I suppose people were willing to wait for good service and I realised that after meeting him.

I left the centre feeling satisfied and good, but it didn’t end there. The doctor even loaned my father a device to check his sugar level and his staff called my father the same afternoon and the following day to see how he was and to check his sugar level. The doctor advised me on how much insulin to give my father from then onwards.

I have never been fond of visiting doctors but this one made me want to just go and say hello once in a while even when we may live 45 minutes away. I have never written to show my gratitude before but it was his kindness that prompted me to write to The Star.

It is such people that make good doctors – someone who is genuinely concerned for your well-being and someone who can give good advice that makes you want to tell the world about them.

Thank you again, Dr Kamal Amzan. You have my family’s gratitude.


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  1. Orang macam ni mmg patut jadi doctor.Bukannya kena ada 15A SPM, tapi arrogant.