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27 Mei 2012

Aku dan Hujung Minggu Ini

Ini peringatan kepada diri sendiri.
Satu cerita menarik yang wajar dibaca.
Jangan sibuk dengan wang sahaja.
Keluarga dan anak2 dipinggirkan.
Memang betul.
Wang dan harta bukanlah segala2nya.
Dulu pesakit adalah No 1.
Klinikku adalah hidupku.
Kini anak2 adalah No 1.
Waktu kerjaku ikut waktu sekolah anak2.
Klinik dan pesakit boleh tunggu.
Wang bila2 boleh dicari.
Doktor dan klinik lain pun boleh dicari.
Tapi waktu anak2 membesar hanyalah sekali.
Anak2 adalah Anugerah tidak ternilai.

I know of many doctors who are busy earning big fat money in private sector, working day and night but forget to spend time with their family. How much money is enough? Being a doctor means that more money is equivalent to less family time. Most of them think that by throwing money to their children and getting them everything they ask for will make them happy. I know some consultants who dedicate their entire life of medicine in setting up departments, units and treating patients in the hospital but hardly spend anytime with their children. To cover their guilt, they buy all sort of things for their children including buying big expensive cars and even paying everything for them. Trust me, it is this type of attitude that destroys a child’s life.

This 3rd year student was driving a BMW sports and I have seen many students driving big cars nowadays , all bought by parents. Of course, you can’t do medicine nowadays unless you are from a rich family or under scholarship. Money can’t buy everything, I use to say this! How true has it become.

Children who grow up in this kind of environment will not be able to handle a simple stress in their life. I have seen many junior doctors who have similar problems. We call them “pampered” child! I had a good HO and subsequently became a MO who committed suicide by injecting Ketamine and potassium  few years ago. He was the only child in the family who grew up by getting everything he wants. He was a top student in school and graduated from a local university. He even passed his MRCP Part 1 just after housemanship and wanted to become an Interventional Cardiologist. He was a good doctor thou. One fine day, he realised that he is Hep B +ve during routine investigations.

Thinking that he can’t become a cardiologist and his future is not secured, he decided to take his own life!! This is similar to the case below as a simple dejection caused him to commit suicide.
So, to all parents out there, please take the advise given by this doctor below. I never pamper my children. Till today, they still go to school by bus and get only limited amount of money from me. They are thought to save their own money to buy anything and I always teach them to be independent. I hope they will grow up well and able to handle everything in life.

Anak bungsu aku bersunat kelmarin.
Aku masih guna teknik lama.
Potong dan jahit.
Bius setempat.
Takda bius penuh.
Takda guna gelang atau klamp.
Aku nak dia sama2 rasa.
Apa yang aku pernah rasa.
Apa yang abang dia rasa.
Bukan senang nak jadi dewasa...

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  1. Noted. Entri yg bagus bro.
    Salah satu sebab saya resign ialah sebab saya mmg tak sanggup nak hidup terlalu busy kerja di hospital setting.