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27 Disember 2013

Aku dan Lawak Hari Jumaat

Rajesh is at an interview for a guard's job.
" Assume you see two trains speeding towards each other.
What will you do? "
Asked a Railways official.

" Raised a red flag, " Rajesh replied.
" But you haven't taken the flag with you, " said the official.
" I'll wave my red shirt at the drivers. "
" You're not wearing a red shirt that day. "
" Then I'll ran home and bring my little sister, " Rajesh smiled.
" Wow! Does she know any new technique? "
" No, " said Rajesh.
" But she hasn't seen two trains colliding. "

Salam Hari Jumaat kawan2.

3 ulasan:

  1. betul.. bila dah x blh nk tolong or ubah apa2... next best thing is enjoy the moment

    selamat berhujung minggu!

  2. Brilliant answers. Very resourceful. Hahaha...