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16 Januari 2015

Aku dan Minggu Ini

"Dear patient, 
I saved your life by finding your early breast cancer. 
It took me just over 9 minutes to examine you and arrange your mammogram. 

Dear patient, 
I guided you along the narrow path between a lethal stroke and a bleed. 
It took me 8 minutes to test your blood and carefully adjust your dose to keep you alive. 

Dear patient, 
I calmed your distress over the child who kept you up all night. 
It took me 9 minutes to check your little one over and to explain why she didn’t need antibiotics. 

Dear patient, 
you finally told me about your panic attacks. 
It took me just under 10 minutes to teach you an emergency strategy and arrange for you to come back for a long visit. 

From January 19 your government will value me at $16.95 
Come July they will consider me worth $11.95 
Think of me when you have your 9 minute hair trim for $30, 

 Your GP."

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2 ulasan:

  1. Yes, this is what is going to happen next week here.
    And unfortunately this will put more pressure to other parts of the healthcare system.
    ED will be clogged with rubbish presentations more than usual,
    and this will worsen waiting time, which will lead to reduced funding to the ED & hospital because reduced performance as per the government eye's,
    which then willl lead to other cost reduction to survive (hospital is a business after all, public or not),
    which then will lead to stress among each of the healthcare workers,
    which then will lead to even poorer performance of the hospital system,
    which then will go on to further cycle of crippling health care, on & on & on in a never ending circle.
    And this is looking at only 1 of the health care chain. Others will definitely be affected... aged care, mental health, surgery, gen med, etc. All.
    Which I guess, the suits/ policy makers/ top heads see actually but just choose to ignore..